Part 16

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P.s- most of you were surprised with the small romantic parts saying the update was romanitc! well let me tell you it was not even the half of what the actual romance will be! well lets get into the next part... a little filler to get on the next phase of their marriage! hope you all like it.

Her local language in brackets which is unknown to karan.


Her back touching his front, his one arm all around her the other resting under her head, she was spooned within him for a glorious slumber.

He woke up first just to be greeted by the pink shade of her cheeks, she was blushing in her sleep to.

He slowly pecked her cheek tugging her hair behind and following it with another peck on her ear. She twitched slightly with the touches but was still sleepy.

"get up Mrs.Khanna" his whisper stirred within her mind.

He nibbled his way down her ear and nuzzled the length of her neck, going more aggressive as he went lower that he reddened the junction of her neck and shoulder by his bite.

Somehow managing the onslaught she moaned slowly opening her eyes but realising what her husband was doing she let him do whatever he wants.

Sensing her awake, he hooked his fingers on the strap on the T shirt she wore and slid it down her shoulder wet kissing his way throughout. She shivered at the feel of his cold fingers and wet lips.

His arm around her cupped her tummy perfectly that she wondered how come she is so tiny in his arms. He pressed his palm on her belly that she gasped within her thoughts. His kisses went more erratic around her shoulder and that went to and fro from her neck.

"jee" she let a low moan.

His palm slid more lower from her belly settling on her lower abdomen still making her shiver with his kisses.

His fingers pulled the hem of her tshirt exposing her belly a little and when she felt his fingers touch where his hand was she jerked apart from him turning around and...

Thud!.. She was on the floor. Up from her sleep.

Huh! She scratched her head with what just happened and finding her self on the floor near the couch she looked at her husband who slept unaffected.

'it was a dream!!'

But a glorious one! She blushed getting up from the floor she looked at the soft knocking on the door.

"good morning tirupu" amma greeted at the door

"good morning amma" she yawned within.

"(freshen up will you? The breakfast is ready, I made idli for all of us. Wake Karan also)" amma apprised moving down "come fast"


"jee uthiye" the soft feel of her palm and her sweet voice woke him up in seconds.

Opening his eyes he saw her glorious face through the morning light. Still In her night-gown she was bent over a little, his eyes moved down and snapped back to her face. He got up with a jerk starling her, when she looked at what he saw she was embarrassed. The gown went little lower from her chest showing the parting and the upper part, the overcoat to was wide. She turned around immediately cursing herself for not realising it. She fell from the couch then amma came, then she off minded just walked towards him without looking at how she looked. 'god at least I should've freshened up first!' She thought.

He stood behind her leaning a little at her murmuring self he spoke "little showcase never harms" and she stood rooted by what he meant. She bit her lower lip hard to suppress the overflow of flush, her cheeks turned crimson as she clutched her overcoat tight around herself.

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