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Y/n= your name!

I was all alone in my own apartment today. I was so bored, so I called up David to see what he was doing and if he wanted to hang out.

Y/n—Hey, Dave I wanted to see if you wanted to maybe hang out or something.

David—yes, I'm so bored. We could go to Matt's, he is wanting to film a fortnite video. Ughhh!!

Y/n—hahah, yeah I'll be over there, I like Matt, he is funny!

David— you him..

Y/n— no, no, no, I like him as friends.

David— oh okay, well cya later y/n byee

Y/n— ight, Bye

What did David mean by that. I was all confused.
I'm just gonna go over to Matt's

Matt's house—/—/—/-/-
I got there and I see David, Zane, Heath, and Matt Of course.

"Hey Matt!!!" I say and scream and jump on his back!

"Hey, lil lady!" He says smiling.

I obviously liked David. But I could tell in the Corner of my eye, David was staring at me.

Let's get with the video.

"Hey guys, this is my Channel, never been on it, so I can't say I'm back!" Matt says and we both laugh.


do you know what fortnite is?" Matt says

"Yeah it's like, one big night." I say in a confident voice. We all bust out laughing

"You said that so confidently" Matt says trying to get a breath out from laughing.

"I know."

I actually knew how to play the game pretty well.

After we played, we were all about to go home until David came up to me and said
"So what's up with you and Matt?"
"Nothing, he just a friend."
I say in neutral voice .
"By the way Matt was Staring at you and talking to you, that's not 'just friends'! " he says
"When did it matter?" I say

"I'm sorry." He says shaking his head in embarrassment.
"It's alright David, you can talk to me!" I say rubbing his back.
I jump on the counter and David is right in front of me.
"I'm....... I'm confused!" He says sadly
"About what sweetie." I say realizing what I said.
David goes wide eyed. "I like you." He says

" I like you too." I say.

"Let me take you home." David says taking me off the counter and rushing me to his car. When we got to his house he brought me in his living and put on movies. GROWN UPS. ( I recommend that movie so much.) we laughed so hard. At the end. I want to say but I thought I should leave.

"It's getting kinda late, maybe I should just go home for a little bit." I say sadly.
I get up and then I hear someone say something

"Don't go, stay." He says
"Okay." I say sitting right back down.

As we were watching the movie, I notice David move closer to me, and closer, and even closer. And then we are cuddling. I have my head rested on his shoulder and his head rested opon mine. I lived this moment and I didn't want it to last.

Then I notice David's head is off of mine. I look up at him to see him staring at me with his puppy dog eyes.
"Hey" I say
"Hi" He says in his cute voice.

Then as I know it He is leaning in, at first, I got nervous, but slowly got with it. We kissed. I loved it so much.

I'm definitely never leaving

599 words!!!!

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