International Tax Attorney Matthew Ledvina Moves into the Fintech Sector

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Matthew Ledvina, a highly trusted name in international tax law between Switzerland, the U.S., and countries around the world, plans to focus his attention on fintech and angel investing.

New York -  Matthew Ledvina has recently moved into a position as managing director at a highly successful fintech start up company based in London. In his current position, he is a managing director for the company, which focuses on asset-backed lending. Matthew also continues to advise international families on managing cross-border investment and tax issues. He uses his 15 years of experience in the field to work with cross-border families with connections to the United States.

Education and Early Career

Matthew Ledvina started his career by pursuing an education in law and finances. After time spent at Baylor University, and a stay in Paris, he returned to the United States to continue his education. Matthew attended Vanderbilt University Law School to get a Juris Doctor degree, and New York University School of Law to obtain a Master of Laws in taxation.

After moving to Zurich, Switzerland, Matthew Ledvina worked briefly as a staff lawyer at the Claims Resolution Tribunal. Shortly after, he worked at Baker McKenzie as a lawyer in the wealth management group. Building up years of experience in the field of tax law, Matthew and some of his colleagues from Baker McKenzie co-founded a boutique law firm focusing on cross-border families.

Personal Life and Future Plans

After spending 15 years in the field of international tax law, Matthew Ledvina wants to pursue a new career. Fascinated by financial technology, he started working as a managing director of a London-based fintech start up. Matthew craves new challenges and learning opportunities, and he strongly believes that becoming an entrepreneur in the field of fintech will satisfy that craving.

When Matthew is not spending time becoming an entrepreneur, he enjoys participating in physical activities like tennis, cycling, and skiing. He is also a dedicated reader who goes through at least 50 books a year. His experiences at work allowed him to learn multiple languages like French, German, and Spanish. Matthew wants to be a better father and tries to find enough time to spend with his three sons. He also wishes to explore the world during vacation and tune out from work from time to time.

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