Little Girl (first poem)

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Darkness falls across the newly town
No one hears what's going around
A little girl wandering the streets
A little girl who's homeless and who is at her ends meet

She knew she wasn't going to make it
She knew what was going to happen
So she did the only thing she could do
Plunge her way into the darkness

It was awful at first
But she grew to like it
Now when somebody sees her
They feel sad, and melancholy
They kill themselves because they don't see their inner beauty

Her old self is gone now
No more happy and cheerful spirit
Only emptiness
She travels most of the time
Not having to spend a dime

Weaklings, she thought
Everybody is weak
They need to have it
Have the courage and stab it
Have the courage to set yourself free

This little girl still wanders alone
Nothing more than just herself and a gun
Walking around the cold streets while it rains
Nothing to lose and nothing to gain
Waiting for the right moment
To set herself free
And that little girl is me

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