Goddess and a Angel

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A/N: I was rewatching episodes of Supernatural and I remember Gabriel and Kali's relationship. So I got inspiration from them and this is the final poem/song.

Hurt but not yet broken
We used to like when we were golden
But now it's falling apart
Can't see why ya did it
I used to be able to take a hit

Now I'm drinking every night
Why do we even fight
I just want  us to be okay
But that's not going to happen again

Thousands of souls
Are in my mind
They scream and shout
All the time
And I, oh I can't make them stop
Their telling me
It's my time to die
And I don't want to

It's all because of you
You hurt me
You stabbed in the back
You say stuff that I don't like
And I tried
To understand you

But I guess it's my time to die
So I'm finally saying goodbye
I'm so sorry
If I was the nobody who were looking for your whole life

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