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Apparently, it is customary to do an author's note at the start of reincarnation stories like this. IDK if it is, but I think it is based on my research of other reincarnation stories so here's the rundown:

This is my original story. The plot, the characters, the places and other stuff in the novel I can't remember to say are thunk up by yours truly, and any resemblance to those of real life or to other novels are purely coincidental.

I probably won't use pictures too often (because I am incompetent in picture finding) but if I do, it'll most likely be from Google cuz I have no Pinterest. If you're the original artists of the pictures and want me to take it down, shoot me a message.

I'll put appropriate warnings if the chapter contains something that needs a head up. Mostly, I think it would be a strong language problem and some negative thoughts...because protagonist is an angsty and emo teenager that is angsty and emo to not normal levels.

Think that covers all my legal bases...hopefully.

On to the contents of this book:

I'm a person who likes the unconventional, so I try my best to twist cliches around (key word: try). I mean, I did try to put in a protagonist that wants to die instead of the conventional avoid death protag, but I get if that's not everyone's cup of tea. I probably will still have some cliches here and please don't kill me when that happens.

Like y'know, cliched love interests because I can't write romance to save my life?


Also take note that I have never so much as touched an Otome Game before, and that this is the first time in a long time that I've wrote...

This is going to be a disaster, I can already call it.

Haha. R.I.P

I'll be alternating between a story chapter and an info chapter (at the start). Info chapters range from character sheets to world building details and possibly QnA stuff.

Slow updates, because I have school to worry about.

I feel like this leans a little bit more to RPG than otome games, but eh. Idk.

I also tend to write in a more casual and simple tone, so if you're looking for a story with eloquent descriptions and fancy words, you won't find much here. I will try, Fantasy medieval setting and all, but no guarantees.

Self-depreciation aside, I hope you enjoy this book!

Votes, comments, critique and feedback is appreciated.


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