Chapter 4: Hike

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"You guys up for another round of tennis?" A yell comes through the door, waking both Peter and MJ. MJ sits up quickly, and then groans and puts a hand to her head in pain.

"My head is throbbing," she whines, falling back down against the pillow.

"You weren't answering your cell, Michelle, so I figured I'd stop by. I hope you're dressed—I'm about to come in!"

"What? Peter, you didn't lock the door last night?" MJ whispers quickly, nudging him.

"I'm sorry, I was a little preoccupied taking care of you being drunk," he whispers back, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

"Come here, we're supposed to be a couple," she grumbles, pulling him closer, laying her head on his chest and putting her hand on his arm. She also throws a leg over his, pressing her entire body against him. He has to take in a deep breath.

"Good morning! Sorry to wake you again, but I'm sure you'd rather me than your mother, yeah?" Her aunt laughs and walks inside, before eyeing them and their positions and saying, "Hope I didn't interrupt anything!"

"Actually, you just missed it," Michelle laughs, sitting up slightly to press her lips softly against Peter's jaw. "I'm surprised you didn't hear us—this guy's a screamer."

"No...I'm not," he laughs in embarrassment, uncomfortably shifting. "She's just trying to embarrass me."

"And either it's working, or that sunburn got your face worse than I thought," her aunt laughs, and he groans and covers his face in embarrassment. He hates when people point out that he's blushing.

"Awww, I think it's cute, babe," MJ pulls his hands from his face, before she sits up, kissing his lips.

He's a little shocked then, not expecting that at all, but he quickly composes himself when he remembers her aunt watching them.

"How cute," her aunt tilts her head, smiling at them. "Listen, I hope we can get passed the...disagreement from last night and enjoy this trip. I think we should go play tennis with your mother."

"Then my mother should have come and asked us," MJ shrugs, her thumb absentmindedly running across Peter's ribcage. "Me and Peter were actually thinking about going on a hike today."

"Michelle-" her aunt sighs, seeming upset about it.

"I'm sorry, aunt Kyra, I just...can't take it. She's awful to me, awful to Peter, and for one day of this vacation I'd love some time without that," she tells her calmly, and Peter gulps.

"I understand," her aunt nods, breathing out. "She's angry at you both, anyway. I'll try and calm her down before your cousins get here tonight."

"Thanks, Kyra," MJ nods, her hand pressed flat against Peter's chest. He breathes in deeply, his mind clouded by hormones, among other things. "Can you tell mom? I'd rather not have to."

"Of course," her aunt nods, before picking up their dirty tennis outfits from the floor. "I'll wash these so we can play tomorrow, okay?"

"Yeah," MJ nods, smiling slightly. "Sounds great."

"Have fun today! And don't forget your cousins are getting in tonight!" her aunt waves over her shoulder, before closing the door behind her. As soon as Peter figures the coast is clear, he sits up slightly, making MJ's hand slide down his abs.

"A hike? With the hangover you have?" Peter laughs, looking down at her.

"We'll figure something out," she groans and presses her finger to her temple, pulling her leg back over from where it's straddling him. He prays, prays, prays she didn't feel-

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