Chapter 8: The Wedding

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When Peter wakes, he instantly notices the absence of warmth beside him, and uses his arm to blindly, reflexively reach over for MJ. He's gotten so used to her being there when he regains consciousness in the morning, that it feels wrong and off when she isn't.

And right now, she isn't.

The instant he feels the empty sheets beside him, his eyes snap open and his morning drowsiness disappears immediately. He lifts his head from his pillow and looks at the place on the bed where MJ should be, but isn't. And then he gulps and looks around the room, pushing his hair back with his fingers. He feels a hard, pounding ache in his head, but he barely even notices it because he's so worried and stressed and confused on where she could be.

And then, after a whole minute of blurry, cloudy confusion, he remembers. He remembers pushing her against the wall, he remembers hearing her moan his name like she needed him right then and there, he remembers pressing his mouth against her and making her come. He blushes at the thought of it; his heart racing, his mouth dry, his mind going crazy. He can't believe any of it—even just the karaoke part—happened at all, let alone the rest.

"Shit," he breathes out to himself, sitting up and putting his face in his hands. He remembers walking out mid-MJ-orgasm, and part of him wishes he had just stayed out and not gone back in. Then it would be a little awkward, yeah, but it wouldn't be like it is now—where he knows what she looks like when she orgasms, and she knows he can orgasm just by watching her orgasm.

But another, stronger part of him feels...content with himself. He finally went after something he wanted, and if he hadn't, he would still just be wondering what MJ tasted like—not ever actually knowing. And he liked getting her off, making her feel good, driving her to an aching, breathless release. He still can't believe he even did that.

And then he remembers her saying something about being jealous of Abby, and even though he can't remember her exact words, he can still feel the same nervous pit in his stomach that he had when she said it. Did she actually mean jealous of Abby? As in wishing it was her kissing him instead? Or was she just talking about the fact that Abby would tell the whole family that he was cheating on MJ and wanted to avoid it?

But she did say jealous.

Even after all of these crazy, intrusive thoughts, though, there's still one thing he's curious about: where's MJ? His immediate thought is that she hates him now, and she's even more embarrassed than he is, and she never wants to see him again so she left as soon as she woke up. He feels scared and helpless and he has no idea what to do.

He grabs his phone and checks the time, seeing it's almost noon—which makes sense when he remembers it was probably around two or three a.m. when they fell asleep.

He also sees he has nine texts from Ned, all of them in reply to the picture they sent yesterday.

First text: oh my god

Second text: are you guys together now???

Third text: I dont see her family around and she's kissing you and're blushing

Fourth text: ok I know I've probably missed a lot but when you guys left you literally hated each other please tell me what I've missed

Fifth text: and please GOD tell me that includes making out against a wall

Sixth text: or on a bed or on the beach or anywhere actually

Seventh text: the wall was just an example I'm not picky

Eighth text: I hope for your sake that's what you're doing right now since you're ignoring me

Ninth text: god I hate you so much for leaving me hanging like this

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