Chapter 9: Home Again

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"You're...naked," he mutters out, gulping as she leads him inside the bungalow and to the shower. It's already on, and there's a thick layer of steam lining the glass walls of it.

"Yeah, I am," she brings him closer to her, looking in his eyes. She maintains eye contact as she reaches up and easily pulls the knot from his tie, before sliding it from his neck and letting it drop to the floor.

He wants to look down at her, at her body, but he can't. He forces himself not to, actually, because his thoughts are jumbled up messily in his brain, which means he has no idea what he would do if he did see her naked in front of him. Probably go into cardiac arrest, realistically, but he would rather not test that theory.

"I...I thought you were gonna go easy on me," he stutters out dumbly, as she unbuttons his shirt and then pulls it off his arms.

He's in shock. It all happened so fast, and now she's completely naked and standing in front of him, and he has absolutely no idea what to do, or what to say, or what to think.

And he doesn't know if he can do this sober.

"Do you want me to go easy on you?" She asks, glancing between his eyes. By the look on her face, he's convinced she already knows his answer.

"No," his voice cracks as he breathes out his reply, looking in her eyes too. "No, I don't."

She steps forward then and gives him a searing kiss, using her hands to reach down and unbuckle his belt. He kicks his shoes off and kisses her back, trying to ignore the scared, nervous, insecure part of himself. He just wants to focus on her and them, and try not worry about what this means, or what's going to happen afterwards. He knows they may not be doing it for the same reasons, but it's hard for him to ignore how much he wants to be with her, no matter the reason she's doing it.

"I've never been...naked in front of anyone before," Peter whispers as she hooks her fingers under the waistband of his boxers, their noses touching, their breathing loud and heavy. "Except Ned. But it wasn' this. It was an accident, you know, I was coming out of the ba-"

"Peter," MJ laughs lightly, before kissing him again to shut him up. He breathes out and nods, trying to relax.

"Sorry," he laughs too, trying to calm himself down before he actually passes out.

"I felt you earlier," she replies and looks down, smirking as she looks back up. "I don't think there's anything you should be nervous about."

He gulps.

"I'll wait in the shower until you're ready," she tells him, walking over and opening the door. His eyes rake over her fully naked body now: her long, tan legs, her hips, her chest. "Don't take too long or I might have to start without you. Again."

She gives him the decency to look out at the ocean instead of watch him, as he tries to build the courage to take his boxers off and follow her in.

He watches as she stands under the waterfall shower head, pushing her wet hair back, staring out at the view. And he knows that yeah, he's terrified, but the want he has for her right now is much stronger than his fear of all the things that could go wrong.

So he takes in a long, jagged breath, before pulling his boxers off and stepping into the shower.

She doesn't seem to notice, or maybe she's just giving him privacy again, but she doesn't turn around. So he walks up behind her and brushes her hair to the side, before leaning down and pressing his lips against her shoulder.

The water is hot, steaming, as she leans into him, into his touch, and he slides his hands down her arms. She tilts her head slightly to give him more access, and he kisses her neck softly, slowly.

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