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"No, you would not be a slave. You'd be one of the women who lives with me and at least once a week you'd share my bed. You'd have your own room in my house, but you'd have to do your share of the chores. There will be a formal contract, of course, and failure to comply with it will be immediate termination".

"From life?"

"So dramatic, little one". But he didn't actually answer the question...

Gavril Petrov is in charge of the largest crime syndicate in New Mexico and he is everything one would expect; rich, sexy and - above all - dangerous.

Bernie had a rough childhood and it's not getting any better now that she is forced to pay off her mother's drug debts to the Bratva. And so when she meets Gavril Petrov and he offers her a quick way to pay her debts off, she can't refuse. All she has to do is become his

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