Part 10

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Okay before we go further I wanted to apologize for being late but I have to.. coz I coulsnt come up with how to continue thisbstory further!! I mean I have these patches in my mind like phases in their relationship... But the gaps inbetween are nedded to be filled!.. and if I rush into writing an update i might miss some important thing and that wont make it worth reading to!.. so just hope you can give me some time to write and delays are always bad.. but I am trying out hard not to delay the story.. i actually hve to come up with some Cliffhanger s for each part😅😅😅😂😂 but, on a serious note give me time if I wont update.. or else I might wrap up the story withn 15 parts if I wont think much!😅😅 I am sure you all dont want that!.. so be with me on this beautiful journey......

And here we go!...


She felt like a child getting scolded from the teacher.. being a bright student she never got that feeling...

Standing now in her favorite spot the balcony she remembered how they all just literally attacked her for a photo.. How they towered over each other for her glance..

She heard a knock close.. Turning around she saw Karan standing there with his calm face

He stood besides her and first made sure the beach from where they both could be seen was clear for precaution purpose

"am sorry" he kept his gaze ahead

She looked once at him.. His eyes lost to the horizon

"Trisha was 6 when Radhika called it off.. We both were never questioned but the poor child had to face media infront of her school in front of her playground, everywhere.. People kept approaching her.. Making comments.. *he sighed* That made me realise what kind of people there are bunch of hypocrites.. But can't blame them all for some few isn't it..." He smiled at her and she did the same

"Darr nai laga?" He asked taking her hand in his... Her eyes moistened with the mention and she nodded in affirmation

He pulled her towards him and wrapped her in a hug in which she deliberately went

She sobbed a little while he caressed her head.. Her hair are so soft.. he felt

"wese you are now the trending topic on the social media" he broke the hug but still held her close by her arms

she sniffed her tears while he handed her his kerchief

"aaj bhi set per sab congratulate kar rahe the.. Kya Mrs. Khanna you didn't remind me to take sweets for them" he complained with a smile

"I wont do it again" she played with his kerchief while ignoring his gaze

"hey look at me" he held her chin high

"I am no one to cage your life.. Its just.. Now you are quite famous which makes it quite tough for you to roam on the streets freely that's it" he sighed

"Kisi Ko sath lekar chali jaati" he asked

"100 meter par hi to hai.." She reasoned but went silent

"mujhe to inform kar deti" he asked possessively..

"phone nai hai mere pass.. Nahi aapka number" she reasoned again

He threw his head back in despair

"sabka reason hai na tumhare pass!" His grip went firm on her arms which made her cautious

"that reminds me.." He said suddenly taking her hand in his he walked downstairs


"Vishal get her a phone and new number right now" he ordered as soon as they reached down

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