Chapter 1: What?

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"Why are you too like this?" Shiro asked facepalming.

"It's the truth, people are the worst," Pidge. Keith and Pidge high-fived.

"That's not a reason not to bond as a team," Shiro said.

"Yeah, it is," Keith said. "Y'all suck, why in tarnation would I want to bond with you guys?"

"Heck yeah!" Pidge said and they hived fived again.

"You realize you two are people?" Lance said from his chair.

"No, Keith is a galra-"

"And Pidge is a bird," Keith finished.

"Oh. My. Go-" Lance was cut off by angry Dad screeching from Shiro. "Gosh! I said gosh!" Pidge and Keith began to walk away.

"Don't you dare walk out of this room!" Shiro said.

"Or what?" Pidge tested. Shiro thought for a moment.


"Or you and Keith have to kiss!" Lance said triumphantly, "And you are never going to do-" Pidge and Keith looked at each other and shrugged. Keith bent down and the two kissed, Pidge wrapping her arms around his neck. "WHAT!?" Keith and Pidge let go and looked Lance with a victory on their faces.

"Sucks for you, we've been dating for the last month!" Pidge said and she and Keith high-five.

"Get on our level Lance," Keith said his arms folded.\

"Oh wait-" Pidge said.

"YOU CAN'T!" Pidge and Keith said at the same time pumping their fists in the air.

"You two belong together..."Lance muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" Keith asked.

"Nothing, nothing," Lance replied.

"W-What I...Huh!" Shiro stuttered. "What even was this!"

Boredom, sheer boredom Shiro.

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