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Kokichi's pov.

"Geez,Saihara~chan actually cares for me"kokichi said smiling,But a little bit of blush manage to cover her face.
Kokichi's starts to get tried of laying on the bed,plus it was super uncomfortable.
"Maybe I'll go back to my room-"Suddenly a strong force pushed her to the ground,Making her wince in pain.
She looks up to see who the culprit was who pushed her,But found no one.
"What the hell..."Kokichi said mumbling to herself.
Kokichi felt a pain in her right leg and looked at it to find it was bleeding.
"Ahh!What the,I didn't even fall that hard!kokichi screamed in fear"I hate it,I hate it!"
Kokichi got to her feet and started to walk out,When the thing pushed her to the ground again,This time she saw a black figue looking at her.
The black figue had the height of a child,Its eyes growed red,the hair was short,And it was wearing a old bloody dress.
Kokichi started to back away as the figue grew closer.
The childs hand touched kokichi's face,Then disappearing.
Kokichi was confused.Having nothing to do,She got up and walked to the door.
"O,Hey Saihara-chan!How are you"Kokichi said smiling happily.
But Shuichi looked terrified...

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