🌸Blushing mess🌸

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Shuichi pov

"K-Kaito come back!!"Shuichi yelled after kaito as he Left the room.
Shuichi couldn't help But wished kaito had stayed so he wouldn't be left with kokichi. Suddenly he feels a hand on his shoulder,He turned around to see kokichi standing really close to Him.To close for comfort.
"Ahh!"Shuichi jumped as he saw kokichi.
Kokichi quickly covered his mouth.
"Could you stop screaming,You're hurting my ears!"Kokichi screamed making shuichi jump.
"S-Sorry"Shuichi felt really uneasy being so close to kokichi at this moment.
"Wait why are you up from your bed,Kokichi?"Kokichi suddenly turned a bit pale.
"Well...uhhhn..."Kokichi was a lost for words.
With out warning,Shuichi scooped him up,And put her in her bed,Kokichi on the other was a blushing mess.
"What's wrong,Kokichi,At a lost for words"The taller male couldn't help but laughing at the smaller female as Her face turned red.
"S-Shut up!"Kokichi yelled,With maybe shuichi jump.
"Im gonna go,kokichi,Bye!"The taller male said leaving the room.

~One hour later~

"Hey Miu,When do you think the potion/machine will be finished?"Miu turned around to see the tall male.
"Why,you wanna fuck him that bad,I knew you were a pervert from the time you wore a hat!"Miu said in a ridiculous tone.
Blush covered His face as Miu laughed her ass off.
"N-No I-I..Uhm..Just want him to be normal!"Shichi yelled at Miu,Making her jump in fear.

"So do you?"

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