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Rye-"Do you guys want to listen to music?" I asked and the girls nodded. I handed one of them my phone, I think her name was Isla. She went on Spotify and started to Year 3000 by Busted. Jack-"I love this song!" Jack got excited. He loved Busted and grew up listening to them. Isla"I love it too!" She answered and smiled. Her and Jack started jumping around, dancing and singing. They're both crazy. Ella-"Isla, you're actually obsessed with song." Instead of answering she just mouthed the words but over exaggerating her movements but she couldn't keep in her laughter which made us all laugh too.

After their little Busted dance Ella took my phone and played one of her songs: One Day by Tate McRae. It was nice listening to the music everyone liked. Andy then started to play After the Show and Ava and Emily immediately started shouting the words and laughing. Then we joined in, then Soph and Isla. Then we all sang Jack's bridge kind of bit nearish the end and made it seem emotional. Ella sighed and joined in with the chorus and our dance.

After a good couple of hours it was time to head back. The girls invited us to stay at the house they were staying, I guess they figured it out, and we said yes.

A/N:writing is fun, except when you have nothing to write about. -Isla🌻

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