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Breaking Into My Heart  by duffs_girl
Breaking Into My Heart by Duffs_girl
"Xylona are you sure this will work? It's really high security!" Olwen ask's. "Meh who cares, I know how much you want to see them, who are they again?&q...
Friends with Benefits (Rye Beaumont)  by duffs_girl
Friends with Benefits (Rye Duffs_girl
Rye and Lilly (Andy's sister) are best friends but what happens when things become more complicated than that? #161 Andy - 09/12/2019 #1 andyfowler - 20/09/2019 #23 ben...
LOST by Jewel2505
LOSTby Jewel2505
Ryan is a 19 year old broken, poor boy who has nothing and cant love. Andy is a 18 year old caring, rich boy who has the perfect life. Come on their journey as the boys...
Make you mine |Randy| by imtheblackstar
Make you mine |Randy|by .
Rye wasn't smiling nor was he playing a prank on Andy, He was dead serious and Andy could see it. Simply because that's his boyfriend of three years now. "What I me...
The Devil's Soulmate by Jewel2505
The Devil's Soulmateby Jewel2505
Ryan is a 19 year old devil who just so happens to be the son of Satan, so he is the prince of hell and rules over it since he has become of age ad take over from his fa...
Randy Oneshot stories  by Jewel2505
Randy Oneshot stories by Jewel2505
Boyxboy oneshots about the biggest ship in Roadtrip at the time, known as Randy. I have got lots of ideas recently about Randy but I cant make each one into it's own boo...
🌟RoadTrip 🌟 one shots 🌟 by thississnottusedd
🌟RoadTrip 🌟 one shots 🌟by thississnottusedd
Just some one shots Of RoadTrip and occasionally Harvey ((TAKING REQUESTS)) 💲🌟💲🌟
Rye Beaumont Imagines by duffs_girl
Rye Beaumont Imaginesby Duffs_girl
Exactly what the title says. #31 alexmillichamp - 09/06/2019 #183 Andy - 29/01/2020 #517 brooklyn - 23/05/2019 #375 duff - 17/05/2019 #1 harveycantwell - 09/03/2020 #1...
Sonny Robertson Short Imagines  by duffs_girl
Sonny Robertson Short Imagines by Duffs_girl
Exactly what the title says. #68 Andy - 09/07/2019 #512 brooklyn - 23/05/2019 #1 robertson - 18/11/2019
Love Drug (Andy Fowler Fanfic)  by duffs_girl
Love Drug (Andy Fowler Fanfic) by Duffs_girl
I throw my bags into the taxi, wave goodbye to my Mum and get in. As we arrive, I grab my bags and walk up to the door. I'm SO EXCITED! A black haired man opens the door...
RoadTrip Imagines and Preferences (COMPLETED)  by abigailioo
RoadTrip Imagines and abbie <3
A collection of RoadTrip imagines and preferences (I don't write smut!) REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW
My Famous Alpha ABO by Jewel2505
My Famous Alpha ABOby Jewel2505
Andy Fowler is 17 and he has to cover up his identity if he wants to live in the world he does. A world were werewolves are real. A world where omegas don't exist. What...
Don't regret. (Finished) by cherryryes
Don't regret. (Finished)by Ana 🍒
I never imagined that something like this would happen to us, that after so much time together we would finish as we finished. I never imagined my feelings or imagined...
fresh start || rye beaumont by abigailioo
fresh start || rye beaumontby abbie <3
'i wanted a fresh start, and that's exactly what i got' hello i probably wont be updating this book anymore, as i don't like writing in a romantic perspective about some...
FOUND (sequel to LOST) by Jewel2505
FOUND (sequel to LOST)by Jewel2505
This is the sequel to my first story called Lost, read Lost first before you read this story because it will make more sense. Ryan the broken lost boy is now going to mo...
After the Show~Rye Beaumont  by WDWxwayhoo
After the Show~Rye Beaumont by Íšłå🖤
Come with me because I want you to know what happens after the show. Rye Beaumont
Shingeki no Jiyu by Its_Beaumont
Shingeki no Jiyuby MΔDISON
Before the fall of Shinganshina and Wall Maria. To advance against the Titans, humanity's strongest began a program within the Survey Corps in response to their lagging...
I'd Take A Bullet For You (Rye Beaumont Fanfic)  by duffs_girl
I'd Take A Bullet For You (Rye Duffs_girl
It's Friday night and I'm in Jack's room playing Fortnite. "Mate, I'm so tired! What time is it?" Jack asks. "Five past two." I said. "Shit...
Jeux de numéro [BxB] (Fini) by cynthia1517
Jeux de numéro [BxB] (Fini)by Mikey_Trip
Si, alors que vous avez une vie banale et monotone un simple message venait tout bousculé ? C'est le cas pour Jack Duff un lycéen banale au quel toute sa vie changera g...