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Bradley looked up at him confused but Sebastian just smiled.

"What do you mean by that?" Bradley asked.

Sebastian chuckled, "you're a work of art sweetheart." Sebastian brushed past Bradley and went outside joining their mums.

Bradley stood there dumbfounded he looked outside and saw the three of them sitting at the table next to the pool. Bradley turned around and walked back upstairs. He didn't feel the need to stay down there anymore and it's not like his mother would expect him to join them or stay downstairs.

She knew Bradley would only stay for a while and then go back into hibernating. It was just how Bradley was he didn't like being around people he didn't know or being in awkward situations. Even when embarrassing scenes came up in tv shows or movies, he would hide his face or skip past it. Bradley just wasn't good with embarrassing or awkward moments in anything.

Bradley opened the door to his room and closed it behind him. He signed and sat down on his bed. Why did mum have to invite them over Bradley asked himself in his head. He laid down on his bed and put supernatural back on. Hoping to drown out everything else for the rest of the night.

A little over halfway through the episode Bradley's phone binged. He grabbed it and unplugged his phone. It was a text from James one of his three friends. The text reads 'Hey me and the guys are going to go see Love, Simon do you wanna join?' Bradley thought about it for a moment then decided he would go he quickly typed a reply 'sure what time?'.

As he sat there waiting for a reply, he thought about what his mum would think about him leaving while people were over. Bradley knew it would disappoint her but when was she never not disappointed in him or that's at least how Bradley saw her opinions on him. He quickly threw those thoughts aside when he got another text 'will come to pick you up in ten and the movie starts in thirty minutes' Bradley sent back a quick reply and watched supernatural until James sent him a text saying they were out front.

He turned off his tv and made his way downstairs he looked for his mother and saw she was still outside. Bradley fast walked to the front door and quickly made an escape. As he closed the Jeep door Tristan asked, "what's the rush?"

Bradley put on his seatbelt, leaned back and sighed "my mum invited Sebastian and his mum over."

Conner laughed, "your kidding she invited your crush over."

Bradley nodded, "did you talk to him?" Tristan asked.

James drove away, "I mumbled out a couple of words." Bradley replied.

The other boys in the car let out some chuckles and laughs. "Well, that's a step forward," Conner smiled. Bradley rolled his eyes but smiled. Maybe we can at least be friends Bradley thought happily. Perhaps he might even give Bradley a ride to school or walk with him.

Throughout the movie, Bradley was laughing, smiling and crying while the other boys were not even close to tears but you could see that scenes still saddened them. When the credits rolled the guys, all just sat there and took everything in. Tristan, Conner and James looked at Bradley and smiled because even though Bradley didn't tell them for a while he eventually did and they would do absolutely anything for their best friend.

Bradley looked at his friends and smiled back at them. The boys quietly got up and grabbed their trash. As they exited the theatre, the boys threw away their trash. "The movie was emotional for you Bradley wasn't it," Tristian asked worriedly.

"It was, I cried quite a few times," Bradley wiped his eyes.

Conner hugged Bradley and murmured to him, "will always be here for you no matter what. You're like a brother to us and we love you."

Bradley smiled, "I know you guys will and I love you all too." Tristan, Conner and James smiled at Bradley then they all went in for a group hug making Bradley laugh. "Thank you guys I needed that," Bradley sighed happily.

"You're welcome baby blue," James replied.

Bradley rolled his eyes James gave him that nickname in elementary school because he would always wear blue on him somewhere. Tristian, James and Conner chuckled. The boys made their way out of the movie theatre and got in the car. As the boys drove back to Bradley's they sang along to the songs on the radio. But only one made them shout the lyrics and put all their souls into it that song was The Only Hope For Me Is You by My Chemical Romance.

As they sang the last few phrases they pulled into Bradley's driveway. The boys all smiled and laughed just enjoying their time with each other. None of the boys wanted to end the night yet. But then Bradley's mum walked out angrily and Bradley's smile dropped and he sighed, "I'll see you guys later." Tristian, Conner and James said their goodbyes to Bradley and drove off.

"Get your ass upstairs," Bradley's mum said through gritted teeth. "And don't think for a minute you're not grounded for the next two weeks." Bradley just sighed and made his way to his room.


AN: Okay so I wrote the first paragraph on the 5th? And then on the 7th I tried to do a digital painting of luke hemmings it's not good I couldn't find his hair colour so he ended up with brown hair...Can I just say I've been really good at doing shit today like I started and almost finished a digital painting of zayn in an hour and a half and I wrote almost half of this chapter and I'm still sick. It's the tenth now and I'm almost finished with the zayn digital painting I would have been finished with it but I accidentally deleted most of my progress so I had to redo that and I just finished writing this chapter. I might start on the next one since my mums in a meeting right now and has been for the past hour (it was supposed to be quick so I'm in the car).

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Also, the inspiration for this story is Somebody To You by The Vamps and was originally going to be named Second Chances.

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