Chapter 16: Day Out

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Chapter 16

"Please mum can I go!" I wailed as she seemed hesitant to say yes. It always took extra effort to convince my my mum if I really wanted to do something. "Jamie, please don't go on with this whinging behaviour." "Pleaseeee." I begged almost tempted to get on my hands and knees, "I promise I'll do anything."

"So where is this place that you're going again? I mean, wanting to go. "

"Geelong Adventure Park." I informed her.

"With who, Ethan?

"Nooo!" I said in annoyance. Why on earth would she just assume that I would be going with him. "Who are you going with then Jamie?"

"Just with some other friends from school." I muttered.

"Alright, you have my permission to go."

"Wait what?" I was still taking in what she had just said. Sometimes my mum could be full of surprises, she just needed that little bit of convincing and then all of a sudden she'd turn into the nicest person on earth.

"You can go Jamie." She repeated, ensuring that I had heard her right.

"Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I praised jumping around for joy.

But one question still struck my mind, "So I'm not grounded anymore?"

"I guess it's been more than a week, so I'm letting you of the hook."

"Really?" I looked at her wide-eyed.

"Yes, but hurry up and get ready before I change my mind!" She laughed.

I didn't need a second warning so I bolted to my bedroom to get dressed. I'd done a bit of research and apparently Geelong Adventure park was like a normal theme park but it had water rides as well, so I had to choose my clothing carefully.  I put on a plain black bikini (me not really being a very colourful clothed person and all) and slid some simple clothing on top. 

I was halfway through getting dressed when my phone beeped from the corner of the room so I ran over to it and picked it up to see who the message was from. 

Tayla: Have you asked your mum yet?

I smiled as I responded the text by saying: Yep, she said yes! I'll meet you there outside at 12:00?

Tayla: Yep sounds good!

I slid my phone in my pocket as I couldn't help the urge to let out the biggest smile. The sun was shining and there was not even a cloud in the sky. It was magical. I was actually look so forward to going to the Geelong Adventure Park I couldn't control my excitement for any longer. Today, my goal today was to have fun and not let stupid thoughts and distractions like Ethan bother me. I needed time to get my thoughts clear and today was a perfect day so I was tempted to let nothing ruin my mood.

I skipped down the stairs where my mum was sitting in the lounge room. I still had a few more favours to ask her, so with my head high and the hige smile plastered to my face I spoke confidently.

"Hey mum..." I said in the most sweetest voice possible.

She was busy reading a magazine but managed to tear her eyes away eventually and looked up to face me "What is it now Jamie?" She asked knowingly.

"You wouldn't mind lending me some money and giving me a lift to the place would you?" I blinked my eyelids and tried to give her my best puppy-dog eyes which were probably not as convincing as Ethan's. Wait...No! You promised yourself not to think about him Jamie...

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