Chapter Seven: Why the change of plans?

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Oliver’s P.O.V~Meggy

Adrianna and I have been seeing each other for about a month now. Our relationship has obviously been secret; none of our friends (or people at school) suspect anything, especially Winnifred.

 Winnie is hot and everything, but, Adrianna is just smokin’. She has pin straight brown hair that comes down to about her waist, dark green eyes and her style just brings out her figure. She tends to wear midriffs, shorts and skirts which cause many heads to turn as she walks through the halls. I would describe our relationship as; hands on, hot, steamy, well no other way to say it but very intimate.  I mean we aren’t too lovey-dovey, we still do the couple-ly things like: cuddling, watching movies together and... well that’s about it really. We’re usually occupied with each other.

Adrianna and I step out of thee janitor’s closet, she ruffles her hair and tugs at her clothes making sure they’re sitting properly. As she starts to walk away I grab her upper arm pulling her into my embrace.

“I had fun babe,” I say to her, “do you wanna come over tonight and maybe we can finish what we started?” I’m now looking at her and she seems to be enjoying what I’ve just said.

“Absolutely, and I have a special something for you…” she steps closer whispering into my ear,” for when we’re all alone.” With that she squeezes my bicep and walks away swing her hips. I whistle at her and turn around making my way to my class. Fucking hell, that girl will be the death of me!


It’s 6:30 and I’m texting Adrianna telling her to meet meat the park. I thought about what I said to her at school and her coming to over to spend the night wouldn’t be such a good idea. So instead we’ll just make- out at the park. Perfect.

Meeting up with Adrianna meant cancelling with Winnie, but she’ll get over it I mean she did say she was gonna study that’s something.

I keep thinking back to the day Adrianna told me she was leaving to go overseas; apparently it was a family thing. When she came back she rarely mentioned anything about the trip, and I never really thought to ask. But now thinking of it, it just doesn’t feel right. I walk down the pathway towards the Paradise Park and in the distance I see Adrianna making her way to a brown park bench. Nearing her, I spot her beautiful smile.

“Hi.” She says softly, “why the change of plans?”

Well it wouldn’t have been a good idea the both of us being there, and trust me it was a pain having to change those plans,” I say whilst grabbing her hips and pulling her closer, “ let’s just enjoy this moment with each other and make the best of it.” With that said she smiles warmly at me and I plant my lips on hers.  Feeling her soft lips on my own, the way she gently tilts her head to the side to gain more access, and her hands ghostly moving from my shoulders to my chest. I pull away and rest my around her shoulders leaning back into the bench.

“So I was thinking, remember that time when you went away with family,” I say casually. I could tell she was slowly becoming nervous and uncomfortable and as I spoke her breathing gradually increased. “You never really told me what happened, what was the reason you left again?” I press.

“Well… umm, i-it was just that my nan was sick and i-it was getting quite serious and they didn’t know whether she was gonna be alright. Umm, yeah so that’s what happened.”

She sound as though she was unsure and I didn’t know what to think of it all. Last time we talk about her nan, she said they were never that close. I just know she’s hiding something but I’m not gonna confront her, I just hope it isn’t something she’ll regret hiding. 

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