3rd person P.O.V:
Mate Angelina and Chase whispers at the same time. Dropping the glass of Hennessy as he rushes to his Angelina pulling her into a passionate kiss.  Pulling away to breath. "Really Chase, a whole glass of Hennessy gone to waste. Your lucky you just found your mate that is the only reason I am letting it slide." Chance says while laughing.
Sasha begans to cry and in 1.5 second Chance is right by her said, " where does it hurt? Who did it? Are the babies ok?" he asks her in one breath. "The babies are fine, im just so happy. I find out i have a sister and brother, then she finds her mate which happens to be our beta which makes her my beta female.... Im just happy baby thats all." You guessed it Sasha's emotions are all outta wack and with four babies at once they got a whole three more months to go.

" now what do we do about these hunters?" asks Tiffany. "Well i have an idea it might be a little risky but it will help in the long run". Says Angel. "Well big brother spill the tea already". Screams Sasha, "well damn baby sister those pregnancy mood swings sure swing fast don't they?, well anyway, there are only 50 of us left from out old pack but we do know of some friendly rouges who maybe willing to help us in this war. They believe that The White Wolf will help put and end to us always having to live in hiding from the hunters and we can finally live in peace with the humans". Says Angel. "It seems like a good idea lets have a meeting in 2 days with the rouges and then we can go from there, how does that sound?" ask Chance. "Sounds like a plan no can we all go to bed Im beat?" say Sasha as she stands up to leave with Chance right on her heels.

Finally updated sorry you guys waited so long i have a lot going on. I have been letting my depression take over. I am feeling a little better so please bare with me.

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