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‘R-Riley?’ I asked still in shock. ‘what… what are you..’ ‘will you shut up please.’ He cut me off. ‘you guys enjoying yourself?’ he said with a smirk on his face. ‘what are you trying to accomplish here?’ Jay asked. I was surprised with the confidence he had. It’s not like he’s stronger than Riley. And I had a strange feeling this wasn’t going to end well. While he was speaking, Riley stepped towards us. ‘I don’t know, I’m just… you know, glad you guys shared your secret with me.’ He winked at us. ‘we actually didn’t really share it with you, it was an accident. But if you mind, could you please keep your mouth shut about this. It’s just… complicated and we don’t need any rumours going around right now.’ ‘aww, is little Jay worried about what other people might think of gays?’ Riley answered. He was clearly amused by the scene going on right now. ‘well, you know what I think of gays? That’s right. They’re dirty-ass faggots.’ He continued. Wait, what?! How can that be…? Last time I saw him, he had sex with me? I was so confused right now. ‘wait, what? Riley?? What the fuck do you mean you..’ ‘shut up Paco!’ Riley shouted at me. His face was now full of anger. And the glare he gave me actually kind of scared me. 'now, where was I. Oh right, I just said I hated gays, so, you guys actually are in deep shit right now.’ He smiled at us as he stepped closer. He was only a couple of inches away from us now. ‘guys, it’s show time!’ he suddenly shouted. And that’s when I realized we certainly were in deep shit. Because there were now 3 more guys entering the toilets. All with an evil smirk on their faces. ‘need some help Riley?’ one of the guys asked him. ‘Wait, wow, calm down, we ehmm… we’ll just go away, you know. It won’t happen again. We just… umm, we don’t want any problems, just leave us alone… please?’ I asked, I wanted to slap myself as how little my voice just sounded. Now they certainly knew how afraid I was. Stupid coward. I told myself. They all just started laughing. I gave a big yelp as Riley picked me up by my shirt. He was really close to my face now. ‘you’ll get what you deserve now.’ He said to me. My eyes widened in fear as I saw his fist coming my way. After a dull sound I felt a wave of pain shooting trough my jaw. That hurt like a bitch. I didn’t have a lot of time to recover as another fist collided with my eye. I let out a loud groan of pain. I tried to look but my right eye didn’t want to open. I only realized he threw me on the ground as I felt my head bump against the ground. I finally could open my eye but my vision had become blurry. Riley was just looking down at me with an amused look on his face. I tried to look around and saw that the three other guys and Jay weren’t in the room anymore. Shit what have they done to him. Why is Riley acting this way. What the actual fuck? Riley was bending down on me as he placed a hand on my jaw, where he hit me first. Pain shot through my face again and I groaned in pain. ‘you know, you look hot, laying here so helpless.’ Riley said to me. ‘Riley, I don’t understand, you… you say we are disgusting, but last time you fucking had sex with..’ ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU UGLY FAG’ Riley shouted at me. And with that he hit me one more time before I blacked out. I woke up trying to open my eyes. I struggled to open my right eye though. I couldn’t open it all the way. After more than 5 minutes of trying to get up I finally got up, leaning against the washing basin. I looked in the mirror and was shocked about what I saw. My right eye was blue and half-open, while my left jaw was completely bruised. My lip was cut open with dried blood on it and my shirt was also covered in blood to the right. I quickly put my hood on to cover my face. How long did I pass out? Was school out? I didn’t know. The only thing I knew was that I had to get out of here as quick as possible. I ran out of the toilets and rushed out of the hallways. I was lucky no one saw me. Once I made it out of that stupid school I decided to visit Jack once again. I was in pain so yeah I thought I could use some stuff… just once you know, or twice actually. I really don’t care at the moment. I knocked on the garage as Jack came to open the door. ‘hey Paco, oh.. what the hell man, what happened?’ he asked me with a shocked expression on his face. ‘nothing, I just came by to buy some stuff man, you still have some in stock?’ I asked him like nothing happened. ‘are you sure? It really looks bad, just tell me if we need to beat up some guy you know, it’s no big deal I have enough mates who are even capable to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger unconscious.’ I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. This guy really is too much on drugs. ‘no it’s okay Jack, just give me some stuff.’ I said getting straight to the point. ‘alright, alright, just tell me if you need me okay?’ he asked with concern. ‘I will.’ I said. After he gave me a bag with the drugs and I paid him, I just drove a little through the city. I wanted to find a place where nobody could find me. The forest. I thought. There was a little forest not far away of my house so I decided to go there. I parked my car further and walked to the forest. I went a little deeper into the woods, so nobody would see me. Then I just rolled a joint and started to smoke it up. Woah this stuff is heavy. After two drags I could already feel my eyelids getting heavier. After I smoked it up, I just laid there. I tried to move my head and noticed that my vision was slow, I laughed at this and was quickly  turning my head from left to right while laughing. It felt good you know. I could laugh, this only happened once in a year if I didn’t do drugs. I started to walk out of the woods and decided to not use my car. I ain’t gonna drive when I’m high. I thought. So I casually walked in the park, heading home. People were looking at me strangely. Do they smell it? Do they see it? I thought. What the fuck did I do wrong? Am I so hot, they can’t keep their eyes of me? I thought. I laughed at this one, which gave me even more weird stares. I saw a girl looking at my shirt, and that’s when it hit me. shit, the blood on my shirt. I quickly rushed over to a place in the park where nobody was sitting, trying to stay unnoticed. Well fuck, what now? ‘maybe you should go home.’ I jumped up and barely hold a yell in. ‘DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO SCARE ME??!’ I shouted. ‘hey, calm down, I thought you were trying to hide? Screaming isn’t gonna help that babe.’ Riley said. ‘well if you are going to beat me up, I wouldn’t do that in the park Riley.’ I said. ‘oh, no worries, I’m not going to beat you up.’ ‘then why the fuck are you here.’ I spit at him. ‘can’t I say hi to a friend?’ Riley asked me innocently. ‘what the fuck Riley, I don’t know any friends who beat each other up just for fun you know.’ I really don’t understand this guy. He’s so weird. ‘well, maybe we are no friends, but I just wanted to say hi.’ ‘okay, you said hi, now you can go, so bye.’ I said as I turned around. ‘not without my sexy boy.’ Riley suddenly whispered in my ear. He placed his hands around my waist and I felt his body pressing against my back. I felt a tingling going through my whole body. I wanted to push him off, but it was so difficult to get me do it. God, this boy was so confusing. I tried to step away from him, but he took my hand and turned me around. ‘oh baby, you know you can’t resist me, neither can I resist you.’ He brushed his lips against mine. He was right. I can’t fucking resist him and it’s making me mad actually. I shouldn’t be kissing the guy who beats me up at school. ‘let’s go to your house, babe.’ He whispered seductively in my ear. That’s where I lost it completely. I closed my eyes and gasped. ‘y- uhum, yeah.’ I stuttered. What is going on with me? How can a boy, whispering to me, be a turn-on, for gods sake? This boy is really making me insane…

 -it's been a while but I was on holidays in Tenerife so yeah :) but here you go, chapter 12! Tell me what you think about it! 

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