A Year have passed Since the Kishan has been Destroyed by my hands, I Have grown strong sense then and nothing seems to scare me, i look fear in the eye like its nothing.

My friends Black star and Kid are still along side me, they follow in my footsteps but i do have one thing that scares me, If i make one wrong move it could mean injury or death to my friends. I Now face my toughest Mission/Assignment yet, Will i Pass or will i go down in defeat? No ones knows till i try.

Disclaimer: I Don’t own these Soul eater Characters All rights are reserved to the original Creator of Soul Eater. However the story idea is my own along with some help from my friends.



Chapter 1:  A New Beginning, Three Responsible Misters

Chapter 2: Death’s Magnificent Mission - Soul Questions Lord Death? *Comming Soon*

Chapter 3: Amarsyas The Witch - The Black dark Apprentice to the Witch Medusa? *Comming Soon*

Chapter 4: Finding a Maka and Soul - Black Star a Lady’s Man? *Comming Soon*

Chapter 5: Kid’s and Black Star’s Challenge - Our Friends Are Gone? *Comming soon*

Chapter 6: *Comming Soon*

Chapter 7: *Comming Soon*

Chapter 8: *Comming Soon*

Chapter 9: *Comming Soon*

Chapter: 10: *Comming Soon*

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