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Polt’s Thirst

“Where are you going kuya  Polt?” I stopped when I hear Heaven’s voice.

I didn’t answer her..  I choose not to answer her because I don’t want to stress her.. she’s pregnant for the possible new Seth. She’s fragile. She’s our queen.

“Again kuya Polt where are you going? And where is ate Hope?” she asked again after walking towards me.

I remain silent. No.. this is between e and Hope. Hope.. she walked away.. I lost her the day that Yen’s came back. I lost my life now.. I have to find her now.

I notice that Heaven’s eyes widen up and now full of worries. She’s having her sixth sense activated I guess. Pregnant!

“M-may nangyari ba kay Ate !Tell me! I am asking you now as my Kuya. Not as your Seth Mistress. I-is my ate fine?” she said worriedly while holding my shoulders.

“Calm down... remember .. you’re pregnant.. please calm down.” Erica said who suddenly appeared.

“N-no.. where’s my ate ? Erica! Kuya Polt! I need to know.. where’s she?” Heaven demands.

I sigh. “Heaven calm down. I’m going to meet her somewhere. Please calm down.” I said.

I am definitely meet her ! no matter what!

Heaven look at me right in my eyes. Like weighting if I am lying or not.

I know I am not. I am going to meet her somewhere I am going to figure out.

“She’s hiding.. didn’t she?” I was caught off guard when Heaven asked that.

I sigh. No one can lie to the Queen.

“Yes. And I am going to bent hell and heaven just to find her.” I said firmly. She’s mine! Only mine!

She nod. “Please do. She’s for you.. and you’re for her.. you are destined for one another.. Ate Hope deserves to be happy..she’s too selfless.. to the point she’s being selfish to herself.” Heaven said.

“I will. She’s my everything.” I said.

“You love her so much.” She said.

“Yes.” I said.

“Go. And Kuya Polt. Once you’re not be able to make her happy.. please let her go. She had too much.” She said.

LET HER GO? No fuckin way! I will make her happy. I will make her say!

I nod then go.

I need to find her!

Heaven’s Thirst

I watch Kuya Polt walks away..

Madami na silang pinagdaanan ni Ate.. pero still.. they can’t express how they love each other in the right way.. they were always thinking that they have to do something for the happiness of the other one but it always turned in the other way around.

I am worried because I got a premonition. . ate Hope already gave up.

She died and now in the middle of sorrow and sadness.

Ate,I know.. you’re hear me.. please come back with the heart full of love..and happiness.please ate… choose the right one. And be happy. I love you.



“My Heaven… I am looking for you.. why are you here huh? You should be in our nest. You’re pregnant. I am worried about you.” I smiled upon hearing Hell’s voice while his arms snaked around my waist he’s touching my baby bump.

“I just want to have a walk Hell.. then I saw Kuya Polt. I had to attend something with him.” I explain then I face him and kiss him softly in lips.

He smiled.

“I love you.My Heaven.” He whispered

“I love you too, Hell.” I answered back. Then he kiss me again.

Then he kneed and touch lightly my baby bump. “I love” he said then kisses my tummy.

I smiled fondly.

My worries flew away upon looking at Hell.

“Momma/Daddy” two beautiful voices call us in chorus.

“Lourde…Art.” Tawag ni Hell sa dalawa na kasalukuyang nakayakad sa beywang naming ni Hell.

“Autie Hope momma.. she’s gonna marry uncle Dylord…she’ll going to choose him over uncle Polt,” Art said,

Nagimbal ako sa narinig.


It’s gone too far.

“And… uncle Polt… he’ll going to wish his death as soon as he learn about it” ani Lourde.

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