One and The Same

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I woke up in the middle to a pounding.......-thump-........-thump-.....I wanted to ignore it untilI I heard it again...-thump- I sat up in my bed and looked around, listening. I didn't hear anything.....then I looked out my window and was immediately caught off guard when I saw black shoes jumping up -most likely towards to the next platform- and running then jumping again. Whoever this person was, was headed towards the roof of the castle, and the only kind of person who jumps on roofs, is up to something and doesn't want to be seen.

There's no way I could just continue to sleep and do nothing, knowing someone is out there lurking in the shadows. I moved closer to my window to open it and jumped out on the platform, and closed my window behind me. When I turned around to look behind me, I saw the culprit running still, towards the top. I quickly sprang into action, running after him. When I got close enough, I summoned Two Across and silently jumped, curving my arm to strike, but when Two Across hit, it hit another Keyblade. I could feel surprise on my face. While our blades were still crashing, the surprise disappeared as I jumped back, doing a backflip and landing silently on my feet.

I first looked at the Keyblade, it seemed to be made of black and silver metal, with a heart shaped hilt, that was half silver, half black, with just a stub at the keychain. The blade had double sided teeth at the top, one set of teeth was shaped as a silver heart, the other set was a black heart. I then looked at it's wielder..he seemed oddly familiar to me...but I know I couldn't know him. All i could see is that he was wearing the organization cloak zipped up, and that he had silver somewhat spiked hair with a blueish tent to it...maybe that was the effect of the moonlight. But I couldn't see his eyes, because he was wearing a black blindfold....that doesn't seem very smart of him. I knew there was no way he was a part of the organization, if he was he wouldn't be sneaking around on rooftops....of if he was he would be doing the sneaking inside.

"Yes, Geminate Heartblade is nice isn't it?," he held his Keyblade up to reflect the moonlight. Then he looked back at me. "Two Across?....interesting.." his voice seemed familiar to me....but not quite

I twirled Two Across frontwards then backwards and rested it on my neck, and flipped my black, red striped hair out of my face with my free hand. "Who are you? What do you want?"

He smiled a sinister smile, "You would like to know wouldn't you? But you see it really has nothing to do with you."

"I don't know where you came from, or who you think you are, or what your planning to do, but you won't get to go throughout with it," I took Two Across off my neck, and readied it.

He smiled, "You know, you're too pretty to fight, but if that's how you want it, fine," he readied Geminate Heartblade. "I wouldn't want this to be too easy, that would take away the fun, but I'm not saying beating you won't be a piece of cake either."

We charged at one another with the same time and when I aimed to strike lower he just blocked or jumped and when he aimed to strike higher I ducked or blocked. It was as if we were one and the same. Like we could sense what the other was going was like we had the same strategy when it came to battling. The sounds of our blades clashing and creating a odd light went on for a few moments . Then we both slid back form the other and just started at each other for a moment.

"You've combined your abilities with darkness, haven't you?"

I didn't respond I quickly held up Two Across as if it were a gun, and a bolt of light formed at the top of the blade and shot toward the mysterious boy, as it soared it quickly shaped into a blade and he blocked it, which I knew he'd do. But seeing that his guard was down he blocked it lightly, making either which way he turned his blade, would have the blade slightly turn and make a sleek cut across his cheek, which it did. He touched his face to feel the cut then smiled. "Nice going."

He then came charging at me and did a forceful jab with his keyblade in the direction of my face. He did this at least three times, and each time I dodged the jabs in enough time where his Keyblade missed by an inch. "You'll have to do better than that," I said as I blocked and our blades clashed a few more times until I kicked him in his side to throw him off and quickly push him back.

"Dirty move," he said as he smiled then came towards me again,"But it'll take more than that to stop me!" as I jumped back to gain air, I quickly and sharply threw Two Across at him, it hit him in the stomach making three consecutive hits, putting him on his back and made it's way back to me as if it were a boomerang. He sat up and chuckled as he stood. "That actually hurt a little."

We, as if in the same mind set went charging at each other and our blades hit and clashed and we held them there for a moment. " Hmmm, you have a nice scent," he paused. "What's a girl like you doing out here?"

"You would like to know wouldn't you? But sadly it doesn't concern you," I said sarcastically.

"Hmph.." he smiled.

We forced each other back, "I'm tired of this banter."

"So am I."

We charged at each other again and quickly flared into a sharp and close combat. Our blades were constantly clashing and meshing into each other. The combat was so fast that the only ones able to tell what was going on would be us. Any person watching on the outside would be completely lost. I then blocked and found an opening, and stopped his blade. I pushed Two Cross up to hold and lock his blade in place. I took my free hand and placed it on his chest where his heart was, I heard him gasp when I started to feel his heart beat. I felt my new found power of darkness give me the ability to mentally attach to his heart and I felt it pulse.

"aghh!" he groaned in pain. "please no!'ll awaken the dormant'll make him active again...!"

I felt my mind release at his odd words, when I let go and pulled away my hand, he gasped for air and collapsed to his knees while still having a hold on his keyblade that was still locked by mine. I released his blade and started at the boy with pity and confusion.

"Ayame!" a familiar voice called. I turned my head to see Saix coming from around a way, followed by Axel and the other wielders. By the time the group came to full view, the mysterious boy had quickly recovered and jumped down leaving the scene.

"What's going-" Saix stopped when he saw the tail end of the boy's coat disappear below.

" see,..I," I trailed off.

"hmmm, seems we had an infiltrator.." Axel stated.

"And Ayame took care of it," Saix smiled. "Good work."

"Yeah, good work." Rhys praised me then turned to leave

Rix and Ashtcher nodded to me In respect and they left as well.

Saix then looked to me when everyone left, "it's interesting how you seemed to hear the culprit running around...?"

"He was by my window..and I couldn't sit and do nothing." Saix led me down the roof to a door built I to the door that led a stairway leading back to the thirteenth floor. When we reached my room he dope again. "It seems you got today's training about half done from that battle. "


"It's past midnight."


"So, you'll only have to do about two hours today. Now get some rest, you'll need it."

I nodded and retreated inside my room to get some rest and prepare for what's in store for me in today's course.

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