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Naruto Ōtsutsuki: The New Kingdom by AgeYoung
Naruto Ōtsutsuki: The New Kingdomby AgeYoung
A sequel of Naruto Ōtsutsuki and I dont want to spoil the fun heh heh
  • love
  • action
  • hinata
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Fruits Basket Boyfriend Scenarios by AriaGraystone
Fruits Basket Boyfriend Scenariosby Mikehla V
  • anime
  • akito
  • basket
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Doubled Elements by draninator
Doubled Elementsby Maryam Durrani
The story of the girl behind it all.
  • waterbender
  • mei
  • lok
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A transformation of love (Fruits basket x reader) by haileys_demon
A transformation of love (Fruits b...by Hailey :)
FOR FEMALE This story is about how the boys of the sohma family fight for (y/n) but there is a special guest that loves (y/n) too and he give her an option to stay with...
  • yuki
  • shigure
  • kyosohma
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With A Little Fate by SukiSakamoto
With A Little Fateby SukiSakamoto
Akito has been sick for as long as he can remember. Always in the darkness. Always uncared for. Never loved. But what happens when a girl from the time when the Mabaduch...
  • hatori
  • kyo
  • romance
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Face The Truth by TheUltimateFarmer
Face The Truthby I Love You 3000
Anime: Shimoneta A continuation story of the anime
  • love
  • tanukichi
  • okuma
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Stars || Fruits Basket  by byenixer
Stars || Fruits Basket by louis ☻
Where's my mind? I don't mind Yuzuki Yamamoto a lazy butt head trying to live with the Soma's normally, or that was she thought until all the boys she had encountered li...
  • xoc
  • romancefanfiction
  • fruitsbasket
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GOW fanfic: Kratos x Ayame (OC)  by MoonSoul77
GOW fanfic: Kratos x Ayame (OC) by Ayame Murasaka
this is the story of how Ayame met with Kratos and Atreus...
  • mimir
  • ayame
  • godofwar
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Phoenix Sage-Naruto Neglect by getwow21
Phoenix Sage-Naruto Neglectby getwow21
Naruto Namikaze is a apart of triplets that were born on the day of the nine-tail attack. His father Minato Namikaze sealed the Ying and Yang halves into two of his chil...
  • naruto
  • anko
  • itachi
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I'm you brother Naruto.. by Scarlet_wind_2101
I'm you brother Naruto..by Scarlet_Wind
What will happen when a 17 year old Naruto is called to the Hokages Office and told some Groundbreaking informations? That his parents had Another child before him, a bo...
  • menma
  • namikaze
  • sakura
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Ever After by draninator
Ever Afterby Maryam Durrani
Doubled Elements: Book 1.5
  • zayame
  • zukofanfic
  • zuko
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Daughter of the Copy Cat, Rescuer of the Raven by ayameuchiha786
Daughter of the Copy Cat, Rescuer...by Whatever you want it to be, b...
SEQUAL TO: Kakashi's daughter, Sasuke's lover? What? Ayame is all grown up now, engaged, in love, she has everything. Well, everything BUT happiness. The man she is eng...
  • love
  • tenten
  • itachi
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New but known-haikyuu X Oc (On Hold) by TblankwriterT
New but known-haikyuu X Oc (On Hol...by TblankwriterT
Ayame Ushijima, the sister of Wakatoshi Ushijima decides to attend Karasuno High instead of Shiratorizawa Academy along with her brother. She is a normal and regular gir...
  • anime
  • karasuno
  • highschool
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The Cowardly Dragon (Fruits Basket Fanfiction) by Goldenkokoro
The Cowardly Dragon (Fruits Basket...by Goldenkokoro
Ryu Sohma has always lived in a life of isolation, His father won't let him leave the home he calls a nightmare in heaven. Until a day Ryu had too much and ran away from...
  • tohru
  • honda
  • ritsu
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Yuki's Surprise •°•° A Fruits Baskets Fanfiction by animeandmusic
Yuki's Surprise •°•° A Fruits Bask...by Anime Lover~!
What if Yuki was hiding something not even the Sohma's know about? What if Akito helped him hide that secret, even if it wasn't Yuki's choice? What if that secret got ou...
  • surprise
  • kyo
  • ayame
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The New Era by draninator
The New Eraby Maryam Durrani
Doubled Elements: Book 2 The guards came in and out, until Lin got frustrated. "Why don't you ask our people, then?" "What?" Korra asked. "It co...
  • mai
  • avatarthelegendofkorra
  • ayame
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Im Kakashi's Daughter [Kiba Love Story] (Under Heavy Editing)+(ON HOLD) by Annieme707
Im Kakashi's Daughter [Kiba Love S...by __Dark__Sky__
My name is Ayame Hatake I got separated to my dad Kakashi Hatake and my mom died from murder when I was 5 but I'm not the only one who was taken and there even my best f...
  • kiba
  • naruto
  • ayamehatake
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Fruits Basket Fan Fiction: Yuki's Declaration of Love by FanGirl17
Fruits Basket Fan Fiction: Yuki's...by FanGirl17
Yuki Sohma is in love with Tohru Honda,but she's oblivious.Life at the Sohma house has been good to Tohru,but as she develops feelings for both Yuki and Kyo Sohma,she is...
  • anime
  • fruits
  • hana
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Wolf-Yokai Ritual by AnimeGirlAHC13
Wolf-Yokai Ritualby AnimeGirlAHC13
Koga meets a female Wolf-Yokai, who is badly injured. He brings her to Kagome, because he know's she can heal the woman. Koga doesn't know what it is about her, but he i...
  • ayame
  • miroku
  • shikonjewel
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The Passing Of Love Through Time (An InuYasha FanFiction) by TheDreamersRealm
The Passing Of Love Through Time (...by K
It takes place after the final chapters. When Inuyasha and Kagome finally start to learn to trust their love and each other. But Kagome is acting really suspicious and i...
  • anime
  • sesshomaru
  • inuyasha
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