CH. 2 - Unwanted Gift

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Chapter Two - Unwanted Gift
POV - Chloe

My father is not one that enjoys the arts. He's a straightforward, strict, and serious man. He had started to hate classical music since the passing of our mother. She had listened to classical everyday in the car rides to and from the house, but now dad drove us around until we could afford our own cars.
Every time we sat in the car with our father an eary silence enveloped the air inside the vehicle, making us all choke on the atmosphere.
Cale holds a special place in my heart that will never be filled by another person. Even though he's quiet and could seem, at first glance, hard to approach; he cares emensly for others and I admire him for that quality. But I also thought he was too selfless for his own good, almost in an airheaded way.
My father had disciplined Cale for missing an important concert that would determine his spot in a pristine collage. Even though Cale and I went to the same high school and he was only a grade above me.
Cale had missed the registration because he'd been in the middle of comforting me.
He'd missed his chance to prove himself to my father, verify that he could pursue music and make his talent known amongst not only his peers but also people he didn't know.
Cale had been determined to inspire people with his gift and carry on mothers memory in his own way.
After the long moments I heard Cale being disciplined I cried long into the night, expressing emotions that weren't mine. Witnessing another family burden I'd have to carry in my memories, I cried for my brother.
Expressing these emotions for Cale alone because he'd always been a strong and independent person.
He wouldn't cry in front of my father, Cale wouldn't tell his dad that he didn't have the right to just snatch away everything he'd worked so hard for. He will respect fathers wishes and endure the consequences that now influenced his future.
When I sung any song from this point on it would be for my brother's unwanted gift.
Cale was willing to give up on his dreams because he had too much selflessness.
His actions made me want to pursue my own goals for the future with a greater strength.
I'd live out my dreams for my mother and now I'd carry this new burden along with my two goals.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I tore the letters and notes off my locker, watching the other kids laugh at my annoyed reaction.
I used to read these hate notes; expecting at least one of them to be different.
I had been naive to expect that amongst all the hateful ones there might be a love note instead of ones that contained nasty words, spelling errors, and evil self-portraits of myself.
Soon though I faced facts and stopped giving myself faulse hope. I trashed every single letter inside or taped onto my locker, never looking at any of them; deciding that these kinds of people would get board sooner or later.
After cleaning everything up and then taking out the necessary text books I headed to class, late.
Once it was lunch I sat on my usual bench, enjoying the peaceful sounds of chirping birds and the wind whistling through the trees. This was the back of the high school, sitting here rather than in the lunchroom saved me time to get to my next class. It also kept me away from people that came to school only to look down on the ones who actually wanted to learn in their time here.
Finishing lunch early I went to the lunch room and dumped my tray, washing my hands next, and then heading to my locker. Once I opened it I sighed in annoyance. There were more notes, I scooped them all up in my hands and dropped them in the trash that was by the nearby bathroom.
After that I dropped to my knees and picked the ones I'd dropped in the space between my locker and the trash.
I let out another annoyed sigh having to do this when it was supposed to be brake. Then, as I scanned the floor for more letters I noticed one I'd missed. Walking up to it I read a slight word on the opened page because of the bright marker the sender had written in. The word in the note said 'liked.'

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