Chapter 1 - Why should I care?

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Levy P.O.V.

The day had just begun and I woke up as usual, a messy head of hair and a loud alarm going off next to me. 'Just 5 more minutes!' I thought to myself as I let myself fall back to the bed. I looked over at the still beeping alarm, "6:45" is what is read in the digital clock. 'Why did I stay up so late?' I thought. I had stayed up reading a book because I had just gotten to the climax and I couldn't find a good stopping point. Slowly I pulled myself out of bed and trudged to my closet.

After a moment of searching I decided on my favorite orange dress with the whit trim on the top part of the dress it's self and the sleeves. It also had a white bow over the breasts and I had an orange head band to go with the outfit along with a pair if sandals.

After putting the outfit on I walked to the bathroom and brushed my hair then put the headband. I always thought my hair looked weird without a headband. It also kept my hair out of my eyes while I was reading. I brushed my teeth afterward when I decided to eat breakfast at the guild. After making sure I did everything I headed out the door and started walking down the street.

Since there wasn't much and I was a little tired I started counting the steps I was taking before I heard a voice from beside me. "Hey Levy!" Lily greeted me. Gajeel was walking beside him but he didn't look towards me.

"Good morning Lily and Gajeel!" I greeted them. Gajeel looked up at me and just simply gave a nod and a small grunt.

"Don't mind him, he didn't get enough sleep last night," Lily assured me that he didn't hate me. That's when I noticed the slightly purple spots under his eyes. "I had to drag him out of bed and over here to talk to you, he isn't too happy about that." That made me think 'maybe he doesn't like talking to me'

As if Gajeel saw the worry on my face he said, "Lily you make it sound like I hate her," he grumbled but kept his eyes on the ground

Lily looked to me and apologized but by then we were at the guild. They walked over to the bar and I sat next to them.

When Mirajane came over to see what we wanted she gave us a suspicious smile. I tried to hold in the smile and blush that wanted to creep their way onto my face. Gajeel got a drink while a got yogurt for breakfast.

"Levy-chan!" Lucy yelled from over in a booth seat with Natsu beside her and Gray and Juvia across from them. She motioned for me to come over to her so I obeyed and brought my yogurt with me. "I'm sure we can fit you in," she said as she scooted closer to Natsu.

They had already been dating for a while now. Same for Gray and Juvia. Both of the couples got together because of the match maker of the guild, Mirajane. Mira had mentioned she wanted to make a few couples happen. Gray and Juvia, Natsu and Lucy, Romeo and Wendy, Jellal and Erza, and finally.... One that I can't forget no matter what.... Me and Gajeel. 3/5 of her couples came true. The only ones left were Romeo and Wendy and me and Gajeel. She decided to give Romeo and Wendy a little more time growing up before getting them to date so all that was left was me and Gajeel. Oh god.

"Levy!" Lucy tried to get my attention. Her hand was waving in front of my face.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't get enough sleep last night" I mumbled my excuse and looked to her. "What did you say?" I was too caught up in my thoughts to notice what she had said.

"When are you going on your next job?" She repeated.

"I haven't decided yet. Plus, Jet and Droy are away right now," I finally answered her question.

Lucy tilted her head with confusion. "Where did they go?" Everyone thought that it would be odd if Jet and Droy weren't with me 24/7. Honestly, when they followed me around everywhere like I was a little kid, it was a little annoying. Of course, I wouldn't tell anybody that though. They were too clingy.

"Remember when I was sick last week?" I questioned her. She simply nodded so I continued. "They wouldn't let me go because of that,"I sighed, remembering that I started getting better when they left.

"Ohh," she said. "Well maybe Gajeel will agree to go on a job with you," she always thought me and Gajeel would be a good couple. Yeah he was attractive, he had abs and his spiky hair wasn't exactly a negative thing about him, more of a positive. What the hell Levy? Why should I care what he looks like.

"Probably not," I sighed as I looked over at Gajeel and Pantherlily still at the bar. Whether she thought we were cute together or not didn't change the fact that I was weak and small compared to him. He wouldn't want a weakling like me on his team on a job.

Gajeel's P.O.V.

Why didn't I go to sleep earlier last night? I was about to fall asleep just sitting here!

"Levy-chan!" Bunny girl yelled before Shrimp got up and moved over to the booth that already had more than enough people in it.

I guess without noticing I stared at Levy while she walked over there, sat down, and talked to people. I didn't notice until Pantherlily spoke up.

"What are you looking at?" He teased with a knowing smirk.

"Shut up you damned cat!" I yelled to him. Sometimes he could be a pain in the ass.

"Whatever," he paused. "Don't forget we have to pick out a job from the request board to do tomorrow," he reminded me. That had totally slipped my mind this morning considering I had gotten almost no sleep. I don't even know why I stayed up so late. I tried to sleep lad night but all attempts failed until it was only 1 hour away from she I had to wake up.

"Yeah, yeah, I remember," I lied. I didn't want him to think I was that forgetful, but he probably expected me to forget.

"Sure," he said sarcastically as Mira placed his kiwis in front of him. That made him shut up as he stuffed his mouth with the fruit.

You could hear Shrimp's group of friends' laughter no matter where you were in the guild. They were absolutely the loudest people in here. Except when Cana and the guys were drunk.

The door burst open and everyone went silent...

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