Operation: kingslayer

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019, 0234H, Kremlin 1045H

Objective: kill the Russian President

The squad is to be split into two teams.

Team 1: James, Jason, Kozak, Alexei
Role: inside team

Team 2: Dmitry, Jack, Louis
Roles: outside team

The inside team will join the political family as their "bodyguards" which is just a cover for their real mission.

Once they are in the meeting with the Russian President that's where it all begins. Team 1 takes out the president's bodyguards and kills the president himself while team 2 stays outside the kremlin as back up.

Team 1 will have to protect the family while they reach the outside where team 2 should be with the convoy for an easy Exfil.

On a completely unrelated note. There has been chapter around the news about different insurgents found around the city. Some were dead with injuries present while the others alive were also injured and traumatized due to having experienced horrendous torture.

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