Confessions On A Freedom Wall

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SC on Freedom Wall


Freedom Wall

A wall where you can freely write everything you want to say.

You have the freedom to express your feelings secretly.

The freedom to shout to the whole world your emotions.

The freedom to confess your feelings to someone.

The freedom to love that someone secretly.

The freedom to talk to the one you love through the freedom wall.

The freedom to  stalk someone in a nice manner.

The freedom to atleast fall for her for the meantime.


The freedom to be hurt..

How can you still confess to her personally if there was someone who had stolen her heart just in time for your confession?

Will you still have the courage to confess to her your real feelings?

or will you just shut your mouth up and be happy for her and her present relationship without knowing that the guy admitted that he was you?

Will she still figure out that you are the Freedom Wall guy?

And if she finds out, will she accept it? or will she let it pass and go on with the fake ones?

Let's See. :))


Hello! This is Phau (ImAfraidToFall). Thanks for dropping by! Im gonna leave the next update of this story to my other half. lol. to my bestfriend rather. haha. 

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