What life is like to be a Black woman?

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I am a Black woman
That is full of white folks
With riches and small talk
That a Black person can't stand
Black slaves with ugly honkies
that just want to be free
like Frederick Douglass
As civil rights grow
We Blacks can try to face
The evil whites
That can try to stop
Martin Luther King
destroy Black Panthers territory
take away the rights of Rosa Parks
If my life can be better
then I shall kill white folks
To free my black community
I am a Black warrior
For my precious Nikki Giovanni
I will be glad to destroy the honkies
Them bloody white folks just have to go
Because if they don't then i shall kill
I am a Black woman
Who is free and middle class
Who can really save me?
Because no blacks can help me
When there is all these crackers
With help and money
While I am stuck in
My reality of whites
I am a Black woman

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