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hey so hows your day been? ................ thats good. ................ how's my day been you ask?

Where should I begin?

Well right now my laptop decided to commit suicide and the hardware crashed so thats gonna be gone for 3 weeks. THREE WHOLE WEEKS WITH OUT MY BABY AND I MIGHT LOSE ALL MY FILES! 

Secondly, my phone also decided to jump off a building by not working properly so now i have to go to the apple store.

How am I updating then you ask? My dad's laptop but i cant use it too often so updates will be scarse. dont kill me. please.

so um yea. Ive also had to rewrite this chapter 6 times now because when i was camping last week ( i got back yesterday ) i tried to write it 5 times but noooooo it wouldnt save. fuck my life.

If you guess the song ill dedicate this chaptah to yah.

Shock, Horror, I'm down.

Lost, you're not around.

Theres a lump in my chest that

Sends cold through my head

And my mind shuts sound out.

I'm on auto-pilot, my tongues gone silent.

I'm making you a long chapter due to lack of future updates.

sooooo sorry for the long authors note! please forgive me? <3


Harry's POV

If we ever get out of here I now have to run down the street naked. I don't see why Liam, Zayn, and Lexi are making such a big deal, I mean, if you got it, flaunt it. 

"I am NOT running down the street naked with three boys!" Lexi yelled.

"Why? Don't you wanna see all this?" I asked raking my hands up and down my body.

"NO!" She yelled.

Well then. That was extremely rude. Fuck you, too. Okay, now I'm being a hypocrite. 

"I'm tired," Abby yawned.

Zayn, who was closest to her scooted closer and wrapped his arms around her as she rested her head on his shoulder. Aw, that's cute. 

Wow, I'm being really lovey dovey today...

"I'm tired, too." Tamia yawned.

Niall attempted to do the same thing as Abby and Zayn but she shoved him off and layed on the ground. 

Eventually everyone was asleep and it was just me and Lou.

"So, Sarah huh?" I asked

"Sarah? What- what are you talking about? I'm with Eleanor... pfft. Nope nothing going on there. Ha..Ha..Ha..."

Way to be subtle.

"You were never a good liar, Louis."

"Okay. So maybe I have the teensiest crush on her... But that doesn't mean anything. I still love Eleanor."

"'If you fall in love with two people, always chose the second because if you really loved the first you wouldn't have fallen for the second.'" I said quoting Johnny Depp.

"Don't go all philosopher on me," He pouted while crossing his arms.

"Whatever. Night."

"G'night, Haz."


"WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!" Someone screamed. I shot straight up as did the others, except Zayn. He always was a heavy sleeper. 

As soon as my eyes adjusted to the bright light I was able to make out a man shooting daggers at us. He was very, very, round and really short. He had a really gross mustache full of food crumbs and a big bald spot with a name tag on his shirt that read 'Marco'.

"Oh sir, please let me explain," Liam started. "We got stuck in here last night and-"


Wow, would it KILL him to be polite?

Niall and I scrambled to pick up Zayn, who still hadn't woken up. I grabbed his legs while Niall got his head. Marco gave us a death glare as we walked out of the park. 

It was really early, the sun was just rising. When we reached the parking lot, I almost dropped Zayn. "GOD DAMN." I yelled, annoyed. "Where the hell is our car?!" 

Our car actually was no where to be seen. 

A sudden realization hit me.

"LIAM! We missed our flight!" I yelled.

"Oh god, Paul is going to kill us. Someone call him! My phone died."

"I broke mine." I said

"Me too." Louis said.

"How'd you break your phones?" Niall asked us.

"Funny story actually..." Louis started. "Okay, long story short, our phones aren't water and blender proof." 

"What? Blender proof? I don't even want to know." Liam said shaking his head. "What about the rest of you guys." 

"Mine died too," Niall replied. 

"None of us girl brought ours because it was supposed to be just a girls day without anyone else" Abby told us looking at the ground. 

"I'll wake up Zayn and see if his works." 

I bent down right next to his ear and screamed "ZAYN YOUR HAIR PRODUCTS ARE ON FIRE."

He bolted straight up with a worried expression, which soon turned into confusion as he realized we were in the middle of a parking lot. 

"Does you phone work?" Lexi asked.

"It died last night while I was on twitter." We all groaned. "Why? What happened."

"Since we all got locked in the stupid house of mirrors and no one has a working phone, you guys missed a flight and we have no way home." Sarah said, clearly annoyed. 

"Well don't you girls have a car?" 

"Ours is gone too. They probably towed whatever cars were left over night."

"Uh, guys. Why didn't we call anyone last night when Liam, Niall, and Zayn actually had working phones?" Abby asked.

"We. Are. Dumbasses." I mentally slapped myself. 

"We know you are Happy," Said Sarah.

"It's Harry," I grunted.

"Same thing, Noodles."

"Noodles? What?" I was deeply confused. Noodles? Where the hell did that come from?!

"It's what your hair looks like."


"So, looks like we're walking. Want to join us at our hotel room, girls?" Louis asked.

"Sure!" Abby said only seconds after.

"Well, looks like we're walking so lets go," Liam said as we started walking towards the exit of the parking lot

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