9.) Truth Is Pure But Never Simple

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All I heard were whispers around me, kind of like that eerie silence in a graveyard. When I opened my eyes I saw white walls and medical equipment scattered all over the place... which could only mean one thing...

I was in a hospital.

It's strange because I don't even remember why or how I got here. The back of my head was throbbing making me miserable. As I sat up, I felt as if a hammer was pounding in my head. Not a good feeling.

The nurses outside noticed I woke up and hurried in.

"Are you feeling well, Sofia? Do you need any water... anything?", one of them said.

"I wouldn't mind a cup of water", I smiled trying to sound polite but really I just wanted to know how I ended up here...

A few minutes later the lady came back with the water and left me alone in a hospital room that honestly just looks like a mental asylum room. Then, I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in!"

Then... Jacob came in looking like a nervous wreck.

"Hey Sof. Errrm... you okay?"

"Uh yeah. Just chillin like a villain!" One of my favorite things to say.

He smiled a bit and walked over. "Nice! Villains are always chillin ya know", he squirmed.

"Are you okay?? You seem a little... nervous..."

"Listen, I'm sorry about everything honestly." Then, he looked in my eyes almost as if he was trying to read my mind.

We made eye contact for a while and it suddenly hit me. Everything that happened last night just flooded back, all at once.

He knew I remembered by the way my face changed and tried to comfort me but I wasn't having it. He pushed me into a wall... hard. So hard that I ended up at a hospital, I don't want to hear anything he has to say.

"Hear me out please."

"No, I told you not to talk to me!", I reached for the buzzer but he stopped me.

"Just give me a chance to explain Sofia!", Jacob says. He did the "puppy eyes" which everyone gives into since he has the big , brown, shiny eyes.

"Fine", I said in the crankiest voice ever.

He took one big breath and everything poured out.

"I've been beating myself up over this and I'm so sorry. You know I'd never hurt you, I mean I might say I will or playfight with you but -It really wasn't my fault-- I mean it was but me pushing you was a reflex-"

"Whatever, do you expect me to beli-"

"I was bullied Sofia."

I was speechless. "I-I-uh- didn't know..." Never in a million years would I think that Jake out of all people were bullied.

"It was really bad. No one in my family knew, my so called "friends" didn't do anything about it, I was pretty much bullied each and every day. It wouldn't even stop, they pushed me, they messed with my stuff, and these kids had no limits. I had to eat at that fucking bakery because they messed with my food! I didn't have to pay since the staff felt sorry for me but it went on and on until my senior year. It was my last year before I went to college and I didn't feel like taking shit from anyone. I took a bunch of those self-defense classes and finally stood up for myself. Any one of them that laid a hand on me, I beat the life out of them. So, for that whole year people finally respected me. The bullies gave up after a while and I developed this reflex. If someone pushes me or hurts me, I do it back. Those kind of things leave a scar on you ya know. It took a lot of courage to stand up for myself but the damage is already done. The words they said really hurt, and it was more than name-calling.", he looked down and I thought I saw a tear roll down his cheek.

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