Chapter 1

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Name: Rima Kurenaiko (Re-ma Coo-ren-eye-co sounds like Kurenai[one of the teachers in case you can't remember she had red eyes and black hair and was in love with Asuma], with a co at the end).


Gender: Female

Looks: She has waist length light blonde hair in high pig tails and redish purple eyes. Which are different from the eyes she uses as her Kekkei genkai. 

Personality: She enjoys annoying people and impersonating them. She can be moody and act like a child as well as be feisty and mad. She is smart and mature when needed but she prefers to be childish and get moody, because after all that's who she is. She enjoys listening to music, and playing guitar while singing. She usually brings her guitar with her everywhere.

Backround: Rima's family never really accepted her to be a ninja(for reasons you will find out later;D) let alone be someone less than mature, obedient and very smart. She lived in a very rich family but decided to leave to pursue her dreams to become a powerful ninja. Originally from the Village hidden in the Grass.

Kekkei genkai: Her kekkei genkai has never been seen before (for reasons you find out later as well) and it gives her the ability to use all the elements not just having an affinity for one, and Spirit is her summoning creature(I guess you could call it). By that she uses her blood and does a summoning jutsu but a spirit of someone dead(powerful or not)comes to fight by her side. But this is only part of it, her other half is where she can touch someone once, and tell them to do anything and the have to obey no matter what (she does this by touching their skin,) then when she is about to give them a command her eyes turn dark purple. She only has to touch you once. but once she touches you it sends a shock (not miner, it causes her a lot of pain) of electricity through her body. The down fall to her ninja ability is that she doesn't know how to use chakra well or do any type of self defence. Her eyes are a lot like the Sharingan and can be activated, which is part of the way she controls them. When having her Kuraigan (couldn't think of anything else) activated, she has a very arrogant attitude, and it usually changes her personality completely. 

(She joins right after Deidara)

And The Akatsuki(if you don't know them, I suggest you watch Naruto... or just leave... either way)

*Story Start*

~~Rima/Your P.O.V~~

I was finally away from my family. I was finally out of Kusagakure(A/N That is the village hidden in the Grass, in case someone didn't know). I was on my way to Amegakure to see if I could trick my parents, after all the would search as far away as possible first. I was leaving because my parents don't want me to be a ninja, but it was my dream to become a ninja. So off I went to pursue my dream. After a couple of days of walking, I finally made it. It was so gloomy here. So grey. Not even a bit off blue in the sky, But oh well, it would have to do, I just need to find somewhere not to public to train, I'm sure I have a kekkei genkai. All I have to do is awaken it. And maybe get a rain coat or something, I'm almost soaked and I haven't been here that long. Good thing my guitar case is water proof. As I wonder around aimlessly I find a small shop. As I walk in, I see rain coats! Thank all that is good. I get a grey one, so I will blend in. I don't want to seem out of place. I pay for the coat and pull it over my head, I walk out the shop and seem to blend in. I walk to a small area in the forest. I focus on the power with-in. I was told by an old wise lady that that would help. I focus as hard as I can, and nothing happens. I get frustrated since it's not working. I ball my hands up in fists and stomp on the ground and a huge mound of earth comes out of the ground a few feet ahead. I stare at it shocked, so I look around thinking someone was playing with my head. No one was around, and when I move my hands the rock follows. I move my hands high in the air and the rock does so a few feet ahead of me. I push my right hand forward with an open palm and the rock goes flying forward and smashes a tree, breaking it in half, making a huge crashing sound and flakes of wood go flying. I stare at my hands in amazement. I stomp on the ground and another one comes out, I throw it at another tree. I try with my hands this time, I pull my hands from being down at my sides and more earth comes up I get really happy, finally finding a power.

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