Chapter Thirteen

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Jessica POV

My life totally sucks right now! Kayla won't answer any of my calls and for some reason Louis is pissed at me to. Yes I know I did wrong but its not like he caught me kissing Harry. He never really liked Kayla anyway so I don't understand why he is taking her side in this.

Me and him and Kayla were all suppose to go to the game tonight and now were not. Louis cancelled saying he was hanging with Harry and obviously I don't think Kayla wants to go with me. Now I don't even have a ride. Jason said he would take me but I would have to go super early, but I told him that was okay I would find another way. I was going to make Brandon take me but he won't talk to me and he just got up and left so I guess that won't happen.

Maybe I should just stay home tonight. Going to the game with no one isn't exactly the coolest thing ever. But no I have to go. I promise Jason a long time ago and I always keep my promises. I guess I can walk there. Good exercise right. Okay now I have to go get ready. As much as I wanted to go in my yoga pants and t-shirt, I couldn't. Kayla was going to be there and as sorry as I was, I was not going to let her get to me. Just because shes not talking to me doesn't mean I'm not capable of having a good time. I'm totally capable of having a good time and looking hot when I want to. And tonight just happened to be a night that I wanted to look hot.

I went straight over to my straightner and instantly started to straighten my hair. Within minuets, my hair was as straight as a stick. I next walked ino my cloet to pick out some clothing. I first picked out my shortest of shorts. They fit me perfectly and made my butt look nice and full (which is a good thing because i barely have a butt). I then went on a search for my bright pink sports bra. When i found out i thre it over my first bra. Next I found a perfect t-shirt or tank top I guess you can call it that showed off my whole stomach. I had these huge wholes in the side going down all the way to the hip. I usually use it for swimteam because then I have a bathing suit on under neath and you coudn't see my stomach, but today was a different deal. I wanted to look extremely hot and, in at my opinion, I did.

Once I was done I started to walk to the game. I would have taken my bug but my stupid cousin had to borrow it because she needs a car to learn to drive in.

As I was walking I was blasting Ed Sheeran in my ears. It was really peaceful just to be by myself, wakling down the street with some of my favorite music playing. I am always with people and don't really get the feeling of being alone. This is probably the first time and I have to say I rather like it.

 I soon got to the game. I walked straight up to the main gate and showed the security guard my student pass. I walked in and I could tell the EVERYBODY was here. I saw little children around the ages of 5 or 6 just sitting down in the stands plugging there ears because of the noise. I also saw middle school kids hopelessly flirting and acting all couply around each other.

I walked straight over to the highschool section and sat down. I then started looking around for Kayla. I was curious to rather she had come or not. I also was looking around for my  brother. I never really saw his friends and I was really interesting in seeing them. I looked around for a little while until I spotted them. Together. On the bleachers. Making out.

I isntly felt like I was going to throw up all the contents I have eatin over the past month in a half. How could she do this! Make out with my own brother! Okay making out with her boyfriend is one thing but making out with my brother is another. That like a total no no in the girl world. Making out with your bestfriends brother is WORST then making out with your best friends boyfriend. How dare she. I wanna go up and slap her. But no I've got to keep my cool.

Collecting myself, I decided to go sit somewhere else. Possibly make a new friend. Yeah that's what I'm going to do make a new friend. A cool one, someone who doesn't go making out with threre best friends brother! 'Chill Jessica' I told myself.

I saw a girl sitting by herself and decided that she was my best bet. I started walking her way.

"Hey there," I said sitting down next to her.

"Hi," she said in a shy geeky-type voice.

"What's your name?" I said just trying to learn a little bit about her.

"Ummm-uhhh umm Sydney. Sorry to be so weird but most people really don't talk to me. I'm known as the nerdy girl," she told me and I mentally 'awwh'. She has no friends.

"Really??" Because honestly I didn't know she was the nerdy girl. To be quite honest I've never seen her before in my life.

"Well actually I'm more the weird girl then the nerdy girl, you would learn that if you spend more then an hour with me. I'm also kind of Invisible in are school. Hey wait a minuet your that girl who cheated on her best friends boyfriend," the girl said to me. I can't bellieve how fast that went around school.

"Yeah, sort of. I didn't really mean for it to happen though, it just did. The worst part about it is that I actually liked it and so did he. Please don't judge me for it," I said hoping she wouldn't.

"Oh no I don't judge you. Love sucks honestly though. Word of advice, fight for this guy. I know what it is like to have true love slip away from you," she told me.

"Awhh did you meet your one true love?" I asked wondering how she met him.

"Yeah I did, funny story how we met actually," she started, "I was riding my segway down a street when a guy in a black jacket ran over me. Sidenote, I probably would have died if I wasn't wearing my butterfly helmet. He helped me up and took me back to his apartment. I had a One Night Stand with him. Even though one night stands are suppose to be like no strings attached and everything, I can't help but feel deep emotion toward this man."

"Oh," I said because I could not think of any other words to say.


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Also in this chapter I introduce Sydney. She is actually my real life friend. One of my best friends actually. The last dialouge me and her came up with together (actually I came up with it, she just sat there and laugh).

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