Hey fellow fans of mine!!! 

So I haven't used this account to write a story in over two years and let me just say a lot has changed since then. Most of you who fanned me probable fanned me because of One Direction. Well I have bad news to tell you; I don't like One Direction anymore. I find all the things I liked two years ago absolutely revolting now.
Anyway, I like alternative music now and spend most of my time on youtube watching YouTubers. I'm also a fan of classical music but that is mostly because of my love for the flute.
I decided that I really enjoy writing and would really like to start publicly sharing my stories agin. I really hope that my writing has improved over the last two years.
Anyway, I'm going to start with writing a 'Tronnor' fic (Connor Franta x Troye Sivan) because there aren't that many out there, therefore all the good ideas haven't been taken.
I hope you have a lovely life and enjoy reading my stories!
Big love,
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POTATOE3354 POTATOE3354 Oct 03, 2012 03:56AM
Hey guys two things, first PLEASE PLEASE PLEAS E PLEASE READ MY NEW BOOK AND TELL OTHER PEOPLE ABOUT IT 2nd, if someone wants to make me a cover for my new book ill be forever greatful
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