After we ate a slice of New York Cheese cake, it was time to go. And I was happy. Most of the night they talked about themselves. And how they thought Sarkis and I would make a beautiful couple. How if Zador were nicer and respected woman more he could find his own. And somehow the other day came up as a topic. The one about Zador kissing me and all that. I couldn’t help but blush. I thought my cheeks would burn off. But Sarkis just held my hand and tried his best to change this subject. After about ten minutes it worked. I was so relieved. “Well I think we will be on our way.” Sarkis said. “Oh no you don’t. You know we have to dance, it’s a family tradition.” His mom said. “I guess I can stay, I’ll be alright back.” I said backing away from the table. “Why don’t you take your call in here were all family.” she said. “My mom can be quiet… unexpected sometimes. So I’ll just step out.” I said walking to the door tapping my father on the shoulder. And as if remote he got up and followed. 

“So couldn’t call and say you were going to be here!” I said sad, maybe even screamed. “Well I didn’t know it would upset you, Blossom.” He said in a sad voice that hurt me. Oh no... I didn't mean to be harsh. “Dad I didn’t mean it that way. Just I thought you were to sick to answer the phone or for me to come see you! And your here laughing and living it up. You and Alarie are just giggling yourselves into a coma. It just … well scared me but also made me happy to see you happy.” I said looking him in the eye so he could see how serious I was. “Oh Chloe, how you never forget to surprise me. It was a gift and you know I can’t keep secrets away from you. So they told me not to talk to you for a little while. I’m sorry if I scared you. Trust me until the day I see a wedding band on this finger. (He putted up my ring finger) I’m not going anywhere. Even if I do you will always have Sarkis.” He paused as people walked by.  “I want you to promise me no matter what happens between you and Sarkis, you will always give him another chance. Because yes he has matured but he is still a teenage and I understand that. And I know I always said ’If he hurt you once, he’ll do it again.’ That doesn’t apply to him. You have forever to fix him, shape him, re-create him if you want. But when I come back for round three in this crazy world. I want to see the perfect picture of you too, with your beautiful kids.” He said while hugging me. “I promise!” I said seconds from crying. My father is always worried about my well-being. So, I take what he says to heart.

Then I remembered I had to call my mother. “I should call mom before she loses her mind.” I said. “Well no matter what she says your staying so… But yes you should call her.” He said walking away. “Your not going to face the beast with me?” I asked laughing. “No but tell her I said hello.” He walked back inside. “You better be on your way home!” She screamed into the phone. “Wow no greeting, just rude.” I said in a snobby voice. “Little slut you better not be having sex with that boy! Get home now!” She screamed. I was taking-a-back.  “I have more class then you, first of all. Secondly, I would have sex with him if I wanted to! But I called to say, that dinner is over. But they are taking me dancing so… yea well night.” I said and quickly hung up. “I need a easy button because, That was easy!” I laughed to myself. I still felt hurt by my mother. How could you hate your only flush and blood so much. Tears threating to fall.

“Oh, Chloe your laugh is so angle like.” Zador said from behide me. “Ahhi, you startled me.” I said breathless. “I’m sorry. So what did your mother say?” He asked looking sexy, with his bad boy look. “That I could stay. Why do you care?” I ask trying to walk around him, but stood not moving. “Because I wouldn’t have come if you weren’t here. Go through all the teasing for no reason.” He paused and looked me in the eye. “I don’t know what it is about you Chloe. But you began out the good in me. No one has ever done that, but my mother. I know you’re my brothers mate! But I know you feel the connection between us.” He says. “I don’t know what your talking about. But I’m glad you came, but I want Sarkis and no one else. I believe that one day you will found the girl of you dreams. But she's not me.” I say backing away from him. “You just can’t feel your feelings for know. But when you see that me and Sarkis aren’t that different, you'll understand. That I won’t hide who I really am. But my brother just wanted to meet you. And he would do or say anything to get you. But after about another month or two, he’ll be bored. And I’ll be there to pick up the pieces.” He said in a concerned voice.

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