Chapter 8

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The rest of the day we spent it watching tv and just talking about school and stuff. Just a regular friday. It was now midnight and we were getting ready to go to sleep since we were both exhausted. I got two thick blankets and one thin one. I layed the two thick ones on the floor and then layed on them, and then got the thin one and covered myself with it. It wasn't cold so covering myself with a thick blanket would just make me hot. I looked up to say goodnight but was stopped by someone's laughter. I followed the sound and saw Steven hunched over grabbing his stomach and shaking with laughter.

This pissed me off, and confused me. 'Why are you laughing?' He gasped for air and then covered his mouth to attempt to stop his laughter. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. 'You look like a puppy.' That's all he said before he started laughing again. I looked like a puppy? What did that even mean? 'Steven! Stop laughing and explain.!' And he did so. 'You just layed in your blankets on the ground and then curled up in a little ball like a dog would.. It was funny to watch.' That's what so funnny?!? I glared at him, 'Fine, I tried being nice by letting you have my bed. But you're such a douche that you deserve to sleep on the floor. Get down here.'

I stood up and walked to the bed and layed on it looking away from Steven. He's such an ass. I felt the bed dip behind me and I looked back to see Steven getting into the bed with me. 'Oh hell no. I am not sleeping on the floor. I'm not going anywhere.' I said standing my ground. I heard him chuckle. 'Neither of us has to sleep on the floor, Jamey. Why don't we share the bed?'

I turned my body to face him and smiled. He smiled back looking happy and hopeful. 'No.'

He looked shocked. 'No?' '

'You heard me. No. Get of the bed and go to your little bed on the ground.' 

He seemed hurt but determined.' I'm not going anywhere, James.' 

'Bad dog. Go to bed.' 


'Yes, dog. You called me a dog. So I'll do it as well.' 

He smiled and faced the other way his back towards me. I found this to be very rude. 'Steven! Don't you dare turn your back to me. Bad dog.' I heard him yawn and that infuriated me more. How dare he. 'Fine. You hit me with a soccer ball, you called me stupid, you kidnpped me, you got me in trouble with my mom, you drowned me, you didn't even ask to stay with me, You laughed at me after I tried to give you full access of my bed, and now you're ignoring me. Some friend you are, Steven.' I wanted him to feel guilty. But I wasn't prepared for what happened next. I heard him sob.

I'm horrible! I made him cry again. I was just mad. I didn't want him to cry, though. I hated to see him cry, it made me want to cry. 'Steven I.. I'm sorry. You know I don't care about any of that stuff. I just got a little mad. I'll never mention any of that stuff again.' I grabbed his shoulder to pulled it down so that he'd turn to face me. His eyes were watery and it felt like a stab in the back. I've hurt him! I pulled him to me and I hugged him. I buried my face in his chest and wrapped my arms around his waist. 'I'm so sorry, Steven.' I felt a tear fall from my eyes. 'I'm sorry' I sobbed. He put a funger under my chin and made me look up.

He still had a frown on his face, but his eyes contained a mixture of sadness and regret. I was lost in his green eyes. I couldn't look away. He cupped my face in his hand and leaned down. 'Steven..' 'Shh..' Did he just shush me?I guess he did. He continued to lean closer until our noses touch. I gasped at the though of him being so close. 'What are you-' I was cut off by him pressing his lips to mine. 

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