"I'm going out with my best friends ex-boyfriend and we didn't even know"

"what are you talking about babe"his face was blank

"Chelsea your ex girl friend is my best friend and I go with you"

"you know we gotta tell her right?"

"she just called me crying over you,and I'm not sure I can but I guess I should"I'm gonna call her

"Hey Chelsea umm so you know how Greg is your ex well ummm I didn't know you guys were together and well I'm sorry I'm sooo sorry I would never mean to hurt you"

"What are you talking about Jen what did you do what are saying"

"Ok look I love you girl and umm well me and Greg are kinda seeing each other I promise I didn't know I swear I would never do that to you if I knew please I'm sorry ...... HELLO!!

"Oh no I heard you loud and clear you stupid stank I can't believe you would some shit like that to me you stupid B@$&h i can't believe your dumb ass would do some shit like bro I thought we were bestfriends you back stabbing whore UHHHHHH!!" (click)

"Wait Chelsea , damn babe she hung up on me she was really pissed but she was gonna find out sooner or later right?!!"

"Yea your right, ugh ok let's go"

"Hi mr. And mrs. T I'm Jennifer its nice to meet I've heard alot about you"

"Oh please You call me David and this is Martha its nice to finally meet you we heard alot about as well"

"mom dad what's for dinner"

"Greggg" said Jen

"what we did come for dinner right?!!"

" And to introduce my wonderfull bueatiful girlfriend

I blush then David said wich I hope one day will be your wife which made me blush even harder!

"See you guys layer it's getting late bye David bye Martha"

Bye Swettie have a lovely night goodnight son love you to"

Goodnight mom I'll call you in the morn"

We left and all I was thinking was about chelsea I'm I doing the wrong thing for goin out with the guy of my dreams.

"what's up babe why so quite"

"Nothing wondering if I'm a bad person for going out with the guy I love"(crap I said I love him)

It's okay babe and don't worry your not a bad person cause I love you to"

We kissed but this kiss wasn't just any ordinary kiss it was magical!

I asked Greg to stay over cause it was to late for him to be driving.

We just stayed in my bed talking to each othe cuddling

Man I'm really falling for this guy

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