Chapter 4

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-Louis' POV-


    I woke up to the sound of Stella and Zayn yelling the words to Bottoms Up by Trey Songz. I had completely forgotten that Stella and Jenna stayed the night here. I sprang out of bed and fixed my hair. I ran downstairs and saw Stella trying rap like Nicki Minaj.

    "Oh my god. You can't rap." Zayn said inbetween laughter.

    "Not everybody can be as wonderful as the talented Zayn Malik." She chuckled. I looked over at Niall who was stuffing his face with leftovers from Nando's. I guess Harry didn't cook.

    "Where's Jenna?" I asked everyone. She was the only person not in here.

    "The lazy sack is still asleep." Stella replied as she started playing Niall's guitar.

    "So, you can sing AND play guitar?" Niall looked at her; his eyes wide with amazement.

    "I play piano too. I'm not the best, though." She admitted sheepishly. She was gorgeous and talented. All I had to do was make her realize that we belong together.


-Stella's POV-


    "What's your favorite color?" Louis asked me. The boys, Jenna, and I had decided to play a game of Truth.

    "" I replied with a smile. Niall leaned over and high-fived me.

    "Are you a virgin?" Harry teased me, causing Jenna to erupt in a fit of laughter.

    "Okaaay, next question." I could feel myself blushing.

    "I'll take that as a no." Harry laughed even harder than Jenna had. I suppressed the urge to slug him in the shoulder.

    "She is. She's one of those people who believes in waiting. Whatever." Jenna rolled her eyes.

    "Jen, you're such a slut...but you're my slut." I grinned at the boys confused expressions. Jenna winked, which made us all laugh.

    "I say we do the best twitcam in the history of twitcams!" I delcared as I logged onto my Twitter.

    "I'll tweet about your twitcam." Lou said as he pressed a few buttons.

@Louis_Tomlinson: Go check out @StellaRoo 's twitcam. x

@StellaRoo: The best twitcam in the history of twitcams. xoxo

@NiallOfficial: @StellaRoo I disagree. My twitcams are epic.

@Ginger_Jenna: @NiallOfficial All you do is eat in front of the cam. #sorrynotsorry


    Within two minutes, #sorrynotsorry was trending. I grinned as we began the twitcam.

    "HI, I'M JENNA, AND I'M A GINGER." Jenna yelled like an idiot.

    "Holy fuc-fudgecakes. Holy fudgecakes. You're like a ginger Jenna Marbles! You have the same first name, too!" Harry shouted. I read the tweets in the sidebar. Some were nice, and some weren't.


@Mrs_Tomlinson: Who is the purple-haired freak? I see her with my Louis all the time. She better back off.

@HeyItsBlondiee: If you were a true Directioner, you'd support them. I think she's really pretty, and I totally love her hair! xx


    I smiled at the last tweet.

    "Thank you for all the comments, but Louis and I are just friends. Aren't we Lou?" I grinned as I looked up into his gorgeous blue eyes.

    "Yeah..friends.." He trailed off before walking upstairs.

    "Did I say something..?" I asked the boys. They all just whistled and walked away.

@Directioner4ever: Louis likes someone ;) x


    I shut off Twitcam so I could do some thinking. I had a lot to think about.


What do you think will happen between Stella & Lou? :) ~MaryStyles<3

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