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Liam stayed silent, and I gave a loud groan. "Tell me, what's going on, or I will not leave with you." I threatened. He finally spoke, "He wants to take you back to London, with us while we record the new album." Worry spread across his face, as he let the comment out. He stood there, waiting for my response. "Please, just doing act like you know. Please, Maci." He begged.


"Knock knock!" Liam yelled as he went through the door. I walked past him, and made my way upstairs behind him. I placed my bag on the bed and began to unpack it. Niall came into the room, almost furious. "When did you two go to your flat?" Niall said, his temper almost rushing. I stayed silent not wanting to answer until he repeated himself, "Maci," I finally spoke, "You seen when we left, I just wanted to get some things. Don't worry, I wouldn't leave when I'm the only thing who makes you feel tough, now would I?"

I made my way downstairs, Niall following, and sat aroud the kitchen table. We pulled our phones out, and just started messing around with them, and talking. Louis looked over at me before popping a question, "What's your twitter?" He asked, everyone looked over at me and I smiled. "it's_just_maci." I replied, and looked back down at my phone. Before I knew it, I had four new followers, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. Zayn looked over and pull down the interactions numerous times. My followers were multiplying by second. "Zayn, stop! Its going to break!" I giggled as he continued his actions. We all begin to laugh, as Harry's face was emotionless. "Someones in a mood." I mumbled.

A little over an hour later, I made my way upstairs, getting ready for bed. I started to unpack the rest of my stuff when Niall walked in. "You're just going to have to re-pack it. We're leaving for London soon." I looked over at him, then looked away. "I know it's hard, just know that I'm doing this for you." He said walking to me. I moved away from him a little, "To change my point of view on you? Is that why?" I got no reply.


"Wakey wakey!" Louis yelled as he jumped on the bed. My eyes shot open quick, from a pain on my head. "Louis! Get off!! You're on my hair!" I yelled pushing him away. He kissed my head and smiled, "Sorry all better now! Time to get up! Long day ahead." He told me as I tossed around. "Louiiiiiis. Go away!" I mumbled, as I put my hand to his face, and pushed him away. I heard another set of footsteps come into the room, "Maci, up now." Harry demanded. I let out a groan of frustration. "Why can't I just sleep?" I said getting up, and running my fingers through my hair. I got up and pushed Harry aside, before he could make a remark. I got to the bathroom, and pushed Louis out. "Maci stop! I need my beauty treatMENNNNNT. Going, going!" He cried as I pulled his ear, pulling him out.

I realized about two seconds later after shutting the door, I forgot my clothes. "Miss me?" Louis winked, as he laughed at me. "Get a grip, I forgot my clothes." I said as I rolled my eyes. Right as I grabbed my clothes, I earned a few laughs. I soon realized what the laughs were for, as I made my way back to the bathroom. "Open up, Harry! I was in there first!" I yelled as I hit the door. "Nope, you were talking to Louis." He said turning on the shower. "I really just dont like you!" I yelled. I heard him laugh a little, "Feelings mutual, babe." I heard Zayn from behind me, "You can use my bathroom, love." He offered. I smiled and followed him to his bathroom, giving him a thanks.

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