chapter 3

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When we got to Lily's house she was waiting out side. Its looked like she jumped when she saw Zack's car come up the block.

      "Amanda get in the back would you so i can sit with my man," Lily said with her hand on her hips.

       i really didn't want to sit in the back but i dint want Zack to think that i am being mean to Lily on purpose, so i just got out of the car and went to the back. The ride to school was so long and to make things even worse Zack and Lily would not stop talking about what they are going to do for there 6 month anniversary. I really want to jump out of the car. I couldn't take it anymore.

       "Zack do you have boxing today," I asked trying to get a convection going.

        "Yeah i do untill 4:30. Shit Lily that means we can't go to the movies sorry baby," Zack said giving her a kiss when the car stopped at a red light.

      I hate when they act all lovey dovey when they know that I am in the car with them. it makes me so made seeing him kiss her when i can't.

      When we Finlay got to school I ran out of that car and count of my two best friends Nicolette and Jeniffer. We all have the same classes which is great. when i am with them i don't really think about Zack what so ever. i think that is the only time i don't think about him. 

      "So how was the car ride with the cute couple," Nicolette asked.

       'I really don't want to talk about it," I said walking to my locker.

        "It was that bad," Jeniffer said.

         "Yeah I felt like the thirded wheel. i don't think I'm going to ask Zack to lick me up in the morning anymore," i said putting my bag in my locker.

          "You should have told him you liked him when you had the chance. I kept telling you. And know its too late," Nicolette yelled at me 

          " I don't need you to keep telling me what I should have done you know that," I yelled back at her and ran to the girls bathroom.

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