Chapter 2: bad girl bits the dust.

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Phoebe where the hell is YOUR phone we have been looking forever!, said Emily ange    rly. I don't no!

Guys stop fighting, lets just find this phone and go in, Beth said. Hey guys im going to have a look in the tent for it. Alright Sophie said everyone. "Emily what time are you going to bed tonight? I don't no Phoebe, proberly late, why"? I just wanted to no, because im a bit tired thats all.

Phoebe we are going to have to go in and hope for the best, its chucking it down and its 10 past 10, and i think i can hear thunder. Said Georgia. I hear thunder im going in, wait Emily NO!  Im going to see Sophie.

OK Phoebe we will look for one more minuite then we're going in all of us. Ok then Georgia.

Hi Sophie I came in because of the...... What are you doing with that??? Thats Phoebe's phone!? SHHhhhhh don't tell, i found it under her pilow. Why did'nt you tell us you found it? Because when I found it i found...... i did'nt want......... ummmm.................................... dont no. Whats up with you  what do you have against Phoebe?

Nothing but.... NO don't go there.

Phoebe Sophie found your phone, thank goodness thanks Sophie. Your welcome i guess, no reason at all. Ok then.




Corrr i hate this thunder and lightng, i don't think i'm going to get any sleep tonight said Georgia, think your right. mmmmmmmm what do you want to do then? Said Emily. How about truth or dare, or tell ghost storys, ooooo we could eat the sweets and go to sleep sophie butted in.  

Sophie have you ever gone on a sleep over camp before? If the back garden counts then yes, And i have had friends over as well but to sleep indoors.

Right said Emily you sophie, your going to expirence a spooky night starting with ghost storys. Who has a story to tell? "I do said Georgia". Go on then.

Ok it was a dark night and no one was on the streets of hernebay missed in the air, a full moon but not a sign of any living things everyone has got wipped out. All becuse of one person, a girl infact her name was SOPHIE!!!! Ahhhhhh Sophie said, carderly.

She had no idea that she was the only person in world to have this disse. If Sophie said these three words you would turn at mind night into a BLOOD SUCKING CREATURE who would open up your brains just to just to see if it was ripe enough, or would eat your face eyes mouth nose yum yum yum juisy eye balls. This crature was a ZOMBIE!!! 

He/she would walk up to you at night and put its red blood stained hands on your neck then bring his half face hear your chest and wait to hear for a heart beat, if he/she can hear A heart beat then the zombie will slowly rise its left hand and rip your heart straight out of your warm smooth body. And then whip your head off and peel the skin off slowly and painfully swallow it in one, but it don't stop there NO! He/she then gets it finger nails and slowly cuts open the frount of the body from the neck down as far as possible, acter this it pulls and tugs all organs out and eats the rest even some of the rib cage!  

At the end drains all and i mean ALL THE BLOOD AND LIFE OUT OF THE VICTIM!!!!!!!!

STOP STOP STOP i beg you i wont be able to sleep for the next 200 years now cos of you GEORGIA!!!!!!!!!! 

O well then Sophie.

Ok lets play truth or dare for a while? Said Emily.  

Phoebe truth or dare c? Beth said quickly ummm At the monent truth, arrrr no fun ok........what do you hate about someone hear? God you had to say that did't you! Weeelllll i hate that someone................ Can i have a dare plz beth? Go on then. I dare you to go in the woods and stay there and we ALL go and wait outside for you to come back, but you have to stay their for 5 mins. Do you except?

You really do ask the imposible Beth. Said Phoebe, dont do it phoebe said Georgia who no's who is in there. Do whatever you want guys but im not going in to save you! Said Sophie. Thanks Sophie everyone said. 

Em what do you think? 

I don't no. 

Ok Beth i will try. Are you sure? Georgia said. YES 

Good luck then.

Just going to put my wellies on, And blue rain mack, its still rainingg at least it spiting. Whats the time Georgia 11:35, ok. Here i go whos coming? Everyone apart from woss hear. HAY!!!!!! Sophie said.

Right see you in 5 mins Phoebe.  


Hope she will be fine, Emily said. Em she will be fine but Phoebe don't even have a watch on. 

Ooooo well, said Beth.

Lets hope she wont bite the dust when she's in there. What does that mean em. Beth said. 

Don't even say that Emily. That's not even funny!!! What does it mean someone?!?!?!?!? 

It means Beth, lets hope she wont DIE in there!!!! 

Ooo, ok then.

Its been 5 mins and she is no where to be seen?! Geogia said. 

Beth go in and find her. NO why me? 

Because you dared her to thats why!  

I new this would happeen lets get sophie, and we all can find her, the woods aren't that big anyway. Good luck getting sophie. Beth said unhappily.

SOPHIE, Phoebe has'nt came back so we need you to come and I mean it come or you will be left ALONE for OK OK OK OK OK I will come just don't leave me on my own. Thanks Sophie. But if i die i will blame YOU, BETH, AND GEORGIA. You wont die, your such a ninnie!!!

OK lets go, I got Sophie to come out. How did you do that Emily Georgia asked? I have no idea lol i said. Ok Phoebe went straight forward then she took the first right guys Beth was saying. How far do we need to go in? i don't no Sophie, just keep up and your be fine.

Lets get all are phones out and use that as a light. All together it should be quitet powerfull, then we have a light of some salt to guide us. Good thinking Emily. Sophie said. When you need a full moon it's never there!!!!!! Sophie continued

Guys I can't see where we walk from, I mean the opening to the woods it's not in sight anymore.

OOOoooooooo Sophie, we might just BITE the dust, Phoebe proberly did. BETHANY shut up, your not funny. Phoebe is proberly scared out of her witts at the monent.

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