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Author's Notes:

Hello, darlin'! Tis me, Rachel of freehugproductions! Welcome to the prologue! I hope you enjoy it because it'll give you an idea of everything the story's about to be, so...PAY ATTENTION! Chapter One will be done by the much beloved Flyhigh33. Anyways, enough stalling. Enjoy!




                They had warned us…

But I-

I was too stubborn to listen.

Falling in love with a human was forbidden.

It was reckless.

It would doom us all.

We had seen that in the Greeks.

We had watched them die one by one

As they frolicked with their humans.

I couldn’t help myself.

Like them,

I was weak.

I was a fool.

But she was beautiful,


And on the brink of death.


The woman who stole my tethered heart.

Her name still seems to strike every nerve in my body with fear and devotion. I shouldn’t have gotten involved, but I couldn’t help myself. She had a way about her that was utterly intoxicating. The way she moved was both graceful and clumsy all at once. Her eyes- they were excited and clouded with a mystery I was more than willing to jump into. And when she smiled, those damning lips would curve with a determined secrete she refused to share with anyone around her. Yes, she was vexing. But she was so much more than that.

The day I met her was the day she was supposed to die. Her family had given up hope and filled her room with incents to aid her journey into the afterlife. I was prepared to take her like I had taken so many before her, but unlike the others when she saw me, she wasn’t afraid.

“You’re here for me.” She stated as simple as that. She shifted her frail figure in the bed and grinned innocently up at me. “Should I be afraid?”

I didn’t know how to respond. Usually they begged for more time or threw themselves at my feet and cry for mercy. She was the first, and the last, to try to speak to me as a human being. My head went wild with confusion and I was overwhelmed with questions. All I could think to do was nod and extend a hand to her. She took it without a second thought pulled herself to her feet.

“Anubis.” She whispered. My ears twitched. Her voice was silk. “I will follow you into the dark, my Lord. I am ready. I have been waiting for you. Please, take me. I am yours.”

And that’s when our affair started.

We kept our love hidden at first. But Iris, Iris had other plans. Jealousy struck her to the core. She couldn’t stand my happiness and decided to give me a choice: kill the woman I loved or be killed myself.

 Nefertiti couldn’t bear the thought of living without me and took matters into her own hands. With a blade and anger burned into her eyes, she sacrificed herself for me. Iris was pleased, but I was devastated. In my own rage, I swore never to love again, sealed the soul of my star-crossed lover into a necklace, and kept it hidden from the world. I sought out my revenge and put all who was against me in a deep and powerful sleep. Only the power of the necklace, the power of my love, is said to be stronger than any force in the world. If the necklace is awakened, then so will the great Egyptian gods. A war will be ignited. A war against me and all the humans of the world.

But that will never happen.

The Chosen One doesn’t exist.

She is only a myth.

A fairy tale.

I have nothing to worry about.

And the humans,

They are safe.

For now…

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