Hey guys, my name is Rachel, or as you guys know me, freehugproductions or smile.it.confuses.ppl. Judging by my two names, I guess you can sense I'm sort of a hippie/tree hugger type of girl. I love anything vintage, including my record player which I lug around with me everywhere, and obviously reading and writing. I wish I could say that writing was a passion, but that's certainly not the case. It's a disease that I fear I will never get over. I simply cannot stop!

Anyways, about my personality. Something you must know is my love for my family and close friends I consider family. I have five amazing sisters and zero annoying brothers. I'm caught somewhere in the middle in my family which means I'm almost always ignored and have to mediate random sister-on-sister parent-on-parent violence.

Other things you must know:
1. I'm one of those always happy/optimistic giggling girls. I'm often called SunRae, Giggles, or Smiley
2. I'm a bit of a Jesus freak. I go to a small Christian College and love every second of it. No worries! I won't stand at a corner yelling at you that you'll burn in Hell or what not, that's crazy! You're beautiful and perfect just the way you are and I love you for it.
3. Nerd alert! I'm about the biggest nerd you could ever meet. Sign me up for random nerf wars, larping, shopping cart racing, dancing in public places, singing through stores, fingerpainting people under the moon, free hug campaigns downtown. Oh yes, and anime. People never see that one coming, but it's there. Also, I can tell you anything about any superhero ever. [Especially Xmen!]

Also, check out my stuff with my niece @HugBandits101 you won't be sorry!

Peace, Love, Zombies




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Shout out to all the faithful people who stuck around even when I started a new account and forgot my login information. You lovely moonbeams are the real heroes!
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