Chapter 11

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*bang bang*     

     "KRISTAL! You guys almost ready? We're going to be late!"

     "Just a SECOND Harry!"

     "Yea, I'm almost done with her hair- OW! HOT!" Sydney yelped as the curling iron she was holding touched her finger. I grabbed it out of her hand and finished my hair myself, letting her put the finishing touches on her make up. Harry decided to let Niall and I finally go on a date, but he and Sydney were coming along to "chaperon", as if he was older than Niall or something. Sydney and I both knew it was a double date though.

     "Ohmigod we can have a double wedding and twins that aren't related EEEEE it'll be so cute!" rambled Syd for the 100th time. She obviously saw a future in Harry, no pressure on him.

     "Okay, we're ready!" I said bursting through the small bathroom door. I looked over the boys, both looking dapper in blue dress shirt rolled up at the sleeves and skinny jeans. Niall's white jeans complemented his blue eyes perfectly. 

     I whispered in his ear, "Your looking quite dapper, young sir."

     "And you look... stunning, m'lady. Like a flower bloomed from the sun's warmth  but you stole both of their beauty." Yep, he had a way with words, my Niall. I blushed, "Oh, this old thing?" staring down at my dress. It was a beautiful rose color that flowed to my knee, almost looking like petals flowing down over my body. My hair had soft curls going down my back, and my make up was fresh, consisting of light colored eye shadow and eyeliner with a bit of lip gloss. I have to say, Sydney is quite the artist.

     "And now, the fabulous Sydney Ross! bm tsk bm tsk bm tsk," I announced, making club beat noises and she strutted out of the bathroom. She looked stunning, wearing a tight and short sleeveless dark blue dress with a few sequins on it. Her hair was pulled back in a bun, slightly volume on the top. Her make up consisted of a clean face, except for the dark green eyeliner that was thickly traced around her eyes. Lucky for her, the hot pink leg was all the accessory that she needed.

     "We all ready?" she asked, receiving nods from all of us, "Yay! Onwards, Hazza!" she said, leaping into his arms for him to hold her bridal style. To my surprise, he actually caught her and carried her out of the bus. Niall and I giggled and followed them in a much less exciting manner, which was completely okay with me.

     The boys were taking us to see the Hunger Games and then out to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Being us though, we needed to make it interesting, so we dressed up extremely fancy... just because.


     "CATFIGHT!" Sydney and I shouted at the same time. We were watching The Hunger Games, and laughing our asses off at Katniss and Clove who were fighting to the death with knives. We got the best seats in the house because I needed the handicapped seat in the front of the theater, so the movie was right in front of us. Harry was staring intensely at the screen, cutely gripping Sydney's hand and glancing over at her every few minutes. They looked so cute together. Niall and I on the other and were complete opposites right now. While I was laughing at this fight, Niall had his head buried into my shoulder, not wanting to see the girls get hurt. He's been like this the whole movie, claiming seeing dead little girls on the forest wasn't fun.

     "How is this funny?" he mumbled

     "Niall, don't worry, Clove is dead and gone, you hear the cannon? Katniss is going to meet up with Peeta now." I lifted his head to look at Peeta and Katniss snuggling in their cave. I sighed and put my head on Niall's shoulder, gripping his hand. He squeezed back and kissed my hair. We're almost like an old couple, not caring about eachother's flaws. Niall's eyes stayed glued to the screen for the rest of the movie, only breaking the trance a few times to look down at me. We were the perfect couple, I could tell.

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