Madison Side.

I looked in to my old room letting tears fall slowly. My mom just huge me when I walk in the front door tears in my eyes. I think under all those bitterness think she really did miss me, I set my bags down and walked around my room.

Everything is still in place, My pink bed and my blue carpet, My white walls that are cover is with pictures, drawing, notes, love letter, etc. I wasn't popular but wasn't an outcasted. I had lots of friends but looking back now they weren't real friends, I never had a best friend girl friends, I mostly just hanged out with who ever I wanted and no one cared or made a big deal about. I pulled my- or Louis jacket and set it on my bed, It still smells like him.

"What the?" I mumble pulling my hair behind my right ear, I notice I grab someone else suitcase. I had all light blue suit cases but this one was back. I hold my breath of anger think I lost a suit case full of my clothing and now some freak has it and maybe selling my over $300 dollar shirts on EBay.

I opened it and lost my breath, a smell of The Brave cologne the same cologne that held me in his arms, I remember holding Liam and this cologne running in my noise, My knees go weak, the only thing that keeping me up is my bed. I take a deep before going though all Liam shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, PJ pants, And some socks. I let my tears full on his old t-shirt, I pulled it out, it a light blue with a small pocket, I hold it close to me and burst into tears, I drop to my knees and let all my anger come out. I start grabbing my drawing I made when I was young and chucked out around the room. I let out my screams I been holding in evern since I came in London.

I let my anger get the best of me, I grab Louis camera and put a hard grip on it. Just as I about to chuck it at my wall and make it brake it into pieces I caught myself. I again drop to my knees and start to cry. My hair all in knots, my skin pail, my eyes not my normal color now red from crying, my cloths all bagging.

"Honey..." My mom knocked on my door, I sighed. "Yea come in.." I mumble, she walk in and gasped, I can see why. My room what was once perfect was now crashed and haven't even been here for an hour. My mother grab me and pulled me up, setting one hand on my back and another on my arm, I wobble up as we slowly walk out of my room and headed down stairs. Our house was big, 3 stores for 3 people. My mom and dad were both lawyers and own 2 Kmart's. My mom had blonde hair and my dad had grayish black.

"Honey.. shhh.." My mother says as we sat on our couch I laid my on her shoulder and cried softly. My world is slowly crashing down. I lost my true love, my best friends, my brothers, my life. And now I'm stuck were I'm at, at my parents who always wanted to change me into them, and god only knows when Dylan will come around and ask for forgiveness.

"I loved him mom." I mumble letting more tears fall. She healed me tighter. "I know babe, you will see him again, He very handsome." I rolled my eyes blushing at my mom calling Liam handsome. We stayed like that for a while.

"So tell me what you did.." My mother asked braking my peaceful thoughts, I smile at look straight into her eyes. "Well.. it all started with my asking for directions."


After telling my mom EVERYTHING that happen, I cried during it too, she smiled at me listening to every word I said, she even cried. I even showed her all the pictures we took, She gave me a glare when Louis shouted about me and Liam having sex. I laugh and shooked my head, She even laughed along with me.

"What going on here?" A sharp voice rang in my ears, I looked up at my dad and saw anger as he looked down at me, I gave my mother a small smile before standing up to his level. "Hey dad, I'm home." I mumble trying to smile, he rolled his eyes and glared at me. "I guess we do have bad Karma." He respond, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "I told you that boy was going to brake your heart, that why you should have gotten married to Dylan and not party with some band member!" He snapped, and some where in me..I did too,

"I NEVER LOVED DYLAN DAD! HE BEAT ME! YOUR LITTLE GIRL! DO YOU CARE AT ALL?!!?" I yelled in his face, he glared at me. "He was rich, his family too, he could have help us! It took me forever to find him for you" He yelled back. I step back.

Everything made since, my dad found Dylan and made me love him, My dad the reason I gotten beaten by Dylan. He made me date him, Dylan never loved me, he had too. Tears fell down my cheeks my mom popped up beside me and held my shoulders pulling to her.

"EDWARD THAT IS ENOUGH!" She yelled, My dad stood tall like he proud of what he said. I push my mother way and stormed into my room. I scream of anger into my pillow. Without thinking I took my clothes off leaving me in my bra and underwear, I grab one of Liam's shirt and dragged it over me, I put on his clean boxers over my underwear and felt like he in my arms again. I cleaned off my bed and laid down and held my body tight, I took his smell hoping I would smell it all.

I soon fell asleep until my phone started ringing, without looking I pushed talk.

"Hello? and why are you calling my at 2am?" I asked eyes still closed, I heard some laughing that made me shot up in my bed. "2am? It only 3pm here," an Irish voice says, a smile came on my face. "MADDIE I MISS YOU ALREADY!" Another scream making me pull the phone away from my ear. I laugh hearing Louis again is amazing but it not th same. "Hey Madison is your mom single?" Harry asking, I made a noise showing my disgusted making them laugh. "VAS UPPING MADISON!" Zayn yelled, I laugh but someone missing.. someone I been missing ever since I hopped on the plain.

"Yes Niall time different, LOUIS I MISS YOU MORE!!" I screamed, the boys complain and so did my parents making me and Louis laugh. "No Harry you perv, she married." I could see Harry pout and Louis patting him. "NOTHING MUCH ZAYN!" I mocked him, the boys laugh and I laugh along. "Wheres Liam?" I asked, they stop laughing, I felt my heart racing faster and faster.

"Uuuhhh...." Niall started, I felt myself sweating in Liam clouths. "He haven't came out of his room ever since you left.." Niall mumble, I felt my heart brake and a tear left my eye. "But hey, we'll twin cam sometime soon ok?" Louis said trying to lignite he mood, I let a small laugh out.

"Yea.. of course. But hey it kinda late I'll call you boys in about 4 hours, I love you guys and I miss you like crazy." I tell them trying not to cry, I heard a sniffle and I already knew it was Louis. "I love you Louis." I reminder him, he giggle. "I love you two Maddie, goodnight we'll talk soon." he tells me.

"I know. good afternoon boys." I tell him making them laugh before I hang up my phone. I sat there for a moment before calling Liam. I pressed it to my ear, I waited till the last ring when it when to voice mail. That hurts.

"Hey it's Liam, if this is a fan it nice to hear from you but please Let meet first alright, and if this someone I have met you before then you know what to do, if is seller your wasting your time I'm not buying. If this mum, I love you and I'll see you soon." I smiled hearing him give his mom a shout out. "Also... if this is Madison." my eyes grew winded when he said my name, my heart beating fast and my gut.. don't get me started. "I love you so so so... I understand why you left and I will always love you." The last thing he says before the beep, I sat there from a moment trying to find the right words.

"Liam..." His name was what couct in my throat. "I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry I left you." I began to cry."I love you so much, I always will, you stole my heart and I don't plain on getting it back, not when someone like you have it. Please come out of your room and live your life, make more music with the boys and be happy. I'll come back once I grew up and get a job, I promis." I tell him, I took a deep breath and pushed end. I sat there for a moment trying to think of what the hell I was thinking.

I know I will see him someday, and I will marrie him, I will start a family with him. Because he has my heart and I'm NOT taking it away from him.

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