Author's Note :

Kinda crazy . lots of kissing. I guess , yeah. Stuff like that. Nothing WAY nasty , though.


God , she's retarded. She looks like Edward Cullen , girl version. 

I laughed at meself , they looked at me.

"What's so funny?" She asked

" nothing." I said , as I stopped laughing.

"How is my grandmother dying funny?!" She screamed , her face getting red.

" I didn't know , i was thinking of something . I'm sorry..." I apologized .

"Don't say sorry if you don't mean it , bitch." She spat , flipping me off.

"HELL NO , CUNT! Come at me , bro!" I screamed back , taking me earrings off.

"Stop !" Niall interfered , pulling me away by picking me up.

"Put me down! I need to teach her  a lesson!" I screamed , kicking him.

Niall didn't do anything just kept on walking through the crowd to a room , not like that!

When we got in the room , Niall put me down. There was a few moments of silence. Then , Niall started laughing , hard.

"What's so funny?!" I asked , crossing my arms.

" you should've seen you! " Niall laughed , holding his stomach.

"What she's a stupid slore. Idon't like her and sur as in hell don't wanna deal with her ass." I said , arms still crossed.

"You're at her party .  Oh my god , did you forget the plan?" Niall asked , remebering the plan.

"Oh crap! Harry is coming! Kiss me! HURRY!" I whispered , seeing Harry through the glass door.

"What?" Niall asked , one eyebrow raised.

" I said , kiss me NOW! Harry is coming!"  whispered , rather loudly.

"Oh , okay. come to me!" Niall said , opening his arms.

"Loser." I mumbled , going into Niall's arms and wrapping me arms around his neck.

I went on my tip toes and Niall leaned down. Our lips connected and we were kissing. well , not good enough.

"Is that all you've got?" I asked , tangling my fingrs in his blonde hair.

"Hmmmm , no. no , it isn't." Niall answered , putting his arms around me waist and pulling me closer.

"Okay , he's coming. 10....9....8....7" I counted down.

"6...5....4.... tounge ." I counted down , telling niall to put tongue in the kiss.

Niall traced tongue on me bottom lip , i granted access. We were like , french kissing? Yeah , it was the best kiss EVER! I think Niall is such an amazing person . He has an effect on me no one else has .

"Sorry , about tha...." Harry said , while opening the door seeing us kiss eachother's face off.

We broke the kiss and faced Harry. His eyes filled with disguist , sadness , betrayal , but mstly happiness. Why was he happy?

"Oh , was I inturrupting something?" Harry asked , putting a hand on his hip.

"Yes, yes you were." Niall replied , pulling me close and touching me bum.

"Oh , okay. Then I'll leave you to it." Harry said , walking out of the room.

When he was out of sight , we high fived eachother and hugged. I don't know how it happened but Niall's face was really close and I kissed his sweet , tender lips.Niall grabbed me waist and I tangled me hands in his hair. He traced his tongue on me bottom lip , i granted access , of course. Our tongue's were exploring eachother's mouth . He was such a good kisser.

"Jump." he said , pulling up me thighs.

I jumped. I put me legs around his waist , and he went on one of the three couches in that room.He was on top of me , I pulled his head closer . Wait a minute , I'm making out with Niall on a couch with him on top of me?! YOLO! We pulled away from the kiss and breathed .

"Oh my god." Zayn and Tamara gasped , by the door.

We looked at them.

"Shit." I mumbled , iall got off of me.

"Hey." I said , waving and smiling awkwardly.

"Hi." They replied , still jaw dropped.

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