Chapter 17

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' Merel ? ' I ask with a breaking voice. She doesn't seem to hear me. I slowly walk towards them. Niall looks at me with a wondering espression on his face. I smile at him. He gestures that I have to go further to Merel. I make my voice louder and I say ' MEREL?' She turns her head around to me. I see hear whole face all red and swollen due to the tears. I don't have my own body under control anymore. I run towards her, lift her up and I hug her until my arms hurt. ' I'm so sorry, I was just dissapointed that you didn't believe me.' I whisper. ' It was mean of me, but you've said mean things too, Mel.' Merel whispers back. I nod. ' I know, promise me to never jump out of this cabine.' 'I promiss.' Merel says. She smiles at me and I give her a kiss on her cheek. Everybody breathes relieved. ' Now everything is okay , join Louis and me for a group picture?' Harry shouts. I run towards him, he spreads his arms and together we smile in front of the camera. I see Merel doubting, but Niall already grabs her hand.. I smile at him and he smiles back.


Merel's POV

I feel Niall's warm skin burning on my skin, I feel so safe near him. He takes me to the others and hand in hand we smile in the camera. I look at Mel and she seems so happy, Harry and Mel are so cute together. I can't believe I was mad earlier. I look to the other side of us and I see Simoné sitting on Louis back, they both smile genuinely. 'Liam, Shan, Mae & Zayn are you joining as well?' I ask them. They all jump from the ground and rush towards us. Shantily Grabs Zayn's hand. Liam messes up Harry's curls and Mae puts a heart between me and Niall. I giggle. This is the best day ever ! *Click* ' IM SO GONNA BUY THAT PIC.' I hear Melanie scream. ' Imma be earlier, so you can't. ' Harry teases her. 'I'm way faster than you Haz.' She teases back. Aw they're really cute. Niall still stands next to me holding my hand, it seems like he's thinking, or he's just enjoying the sight.


Niall's POV

I stand there next to Merel still holding her hand.... I don't want to let go. I finally found the girl I've been waiting for so long. Harry told me to don't rush things, because Mel told about Merel to him and he says she's not that type of girl. She's insecure and needs a long time to think about things. She won't jump into the first boy she meets. Melanie told me she's been hurt in the past. I can see it in her eyes that there's something.. I whisper. ' You're special, you realise that, right?' She shakes her head. ' I'm not.' ' I know people used to hurt you, but try to keep your head high and don't let them bring you down. I think you're special, so you are. At least for me you are.' I whisper to her. Merel turns away her head. Have I said anything wrong? I  begin to worry, but Merel turns her head back and says really really softly ' You're special to me too, Niall.'

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