"I still think you could've found a better dress" Allyson sneered quietly as she fixed her make up.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I wasn't THAT bad. I mean, yeah, my dress was way to simple but it looked pretty formal for the occasion.

"First of all, you're wearing heels not those flats. I'm doing your hair cause I don't want to see you again with that loose ponytail and of course, you're going to sit there and get pretty with some make up" Allyson pointed at me. She handed me some high heels. When I tried them on, they gave me about 5 more inches of height.

"Uh, Allyson this so not a good idea. I think I'll fall at any moment" I told her as I tried to regain my balance with them. She shook her head and pushed me a bit making me sit.

"Shut up. Beauty hurts" She muttered.


After moments of torture with Allyson, I was finally ready. The worst part was fixing my eyebrows, I swear to God I saw my own death beneath my eyes. I was still hurting but I was okay and Allyson totally helped me to look better.

I couldn't even look at the kitchen cause I was feeling pretty ill already. Butterflies in my stomach as if this was my first date but no, it was my day as Patricia's maid of honor. I bit my lower lip as I thought if this really was a good idea after all. Me agreeing to be her maid of honor and now there was no backing off. I had to do this and if they really were to get married I had to endure all of this pain even more.

When we arrived there, we could see how crowded the place was. As always, the miss popular can't have a simple party. She had to invite probably half of the population from this town.

I groaned internally when I saw every single person that I had to go through high school with.

I dropped my head trying to seem occupied by texting and praying they wouldn't say something to embarrass me. I took a glance towards them and I swore I saw everyone crowded as if they were reunited.

"I need a drink. Too much people" Allyson groaned as she walked ahead of me. I was about to catch up with her when I was busted...

"Hey Brianna, aren't you going to say hi at least?" I knew that was Hayden's cocky voice. I hesitatingly turned around and faced him. I tried to not look intimidated. I really did.

"H-Hi Hayden" I waved at him and tried to walk away when he grabbed my arm.

"Looking good, Ms. Walker" He said mocking my old-history-teacher annoying voice. He led me with the rest of the group and what can I say? There had to be that someone who would remind me how despicable my high school life was.


The party started and I was now standing next to the appetizers. One fact about me is that when I get nervous I love eating. And I was nervous because they will call me as their official maid of honor any time.

I was too busy stuffing my mouth with ritz that I didn't notice the red stain from the juice on my dress. And it couldn't be on the black part of it... I grunted in disgust as I wiped it but I just made it worse.

"How do you expect a clean dress when you eat like a monkey?" The donut I had on my hand fell on the floor. I spun on my heels quicker than ever.

"Gosh, you scared me!" I placed my hand on the side of my chest and looked up at the intruder. My breath caught up in the middle of my throat. He was the guy! The hot jerky face. I gulped and nodded for no reason. I regained my true self.

I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow "So you actually talk?" I asked him.

He raised his vine glass up to his nose and threw a smirk "If it's not obvious"

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