Chapter 1: New Years Eve

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December 31st 2069

11:56 P.M

Somewhere in the Arctic Mountains near Mt. Cadmius.

An snow truck was slowly driving through the heavy snow of the mountains. For Dr. Kathy Bowman of the UltraTech corporation it wasn't exactly what she wanted for New Year's eve.

She wanted to spend New Year's at the party of the century but her boss made her work at the mountains out in the freezing cold digging.

"God... I wanted to be at that party but instead I'm freezing my ass off for UltraTech" Dr. Bowman said in thought.  "Right now I could be at that party but instead i'm freezing my ass off!". Dr. Bowman complained to co workers who were riding in the pod with her.

"Yeah, but the boss said to locate an down UltraTech line in Mt. Cadimus that's been out for hours".  "Mt. Cadmius... Man it always snows like hell there each winter". an worker complained. "yes but it pays well". an worker sarcastically said.  "Let's just find this possible down line so we can go home". Dr. Bowman said.

11:58 P.M

Looking outside the plow Dr. Bowman saw nothing but snow on Mt. Cadmius. UltraTech had an lab around the area. She had wished she never worked around there. The snow, the cold all of that Also hiding something.

Opening the pod doors to the bitter Arctic air of Mt. Cadmius two workers stepped out of the pod covered in layers of protection. Dr. Bowman followed suit an moment later "All right I want an full check of that line". She pointed at an worker entering the pod to grab something while the workers waited for her.

Dr. Bowman grabbed an laser x-ray system when she saw it. Her hand was reptilian green. She closed her hand breathing heavily for an moment.

She quickly grabbed gloves to cover her hands taking the device and stopping at the door. Dr. Bowman sighed heavily entering the cold air of Mt. Cadmus.

11:59 PM

Surveying the area of the mountain Kathy and the workers of UltraTech using tracking devices to locate the downed wire.  "Let me use the X-Ray system and i'll find it". An worker said using an x-ray metal detector to locate the broken wire while Dr. Bowman turned on an lighting system brightening the dark area of the mountain.

Dr. Kathy Bowman an worker of mid thirty's. redheaded, and fit for an person of her type continued to look around the mountain as she tripped on something as the workers located the wire and fixed in within moments.

She tapped on the snow something was hard but buried in snow. "Guys! come here take a look at this!" Dr. Bowman yelled to the workers.

The Workers ran toward her as Kathy began to uncover an hard door from the snow of the mountain that covered it. "Does anyone have an crowbar?". Dr. Bowman asked them.

thereafter she put the crowbar into the door pushing it hard struggling for an moment to open it finally opening it as snow came out of it.

shining an flashlight to inspect the pod it looked empty but had been buried in snow. "I'm going in to look". Dr. Bowman said entering the pod.

Kathy shined the flashlight looking around the pod seemingly looked damaged from years ago.

The pod was damaged and surrounding it in snow and ice from being buried underneath it for years.

Kathy shined the flashlight down and saw an crumbled yellow card in snow and picked it up. "Weyland-Yutani?". Dr. Bowman said in confusion looking at the card then she put in back in the snow.

"I only found an crumpled up card in the pod there's..." Dr. Bowman said then she bumped her head causing her to fall onto the snow in the process losing the flashlight.

The darkened pod without the flashlight made everything near it pitch black. Dr. Bowman finally found the flashlight when she saw it.

At that moment Dr. Kathy Bowman saw something that rocked her to the core. it was two frozen bodies within feet of each other. "GUYS COME HERE!". Dr Bowman yelled to the workers outside.

"What is it Dr. Bowman?". An worker said as he entered the pod. "Guys look at this!". Dr Bowman shined the flashlight at the frozen bodies. 

"Dr. Bowman.... Where did you find those?". An worker asked her. "I found them with this crumbled card that said Weyland-Yutani". She said to him.

"Do you know who this person is?". Dr. Bowman asked the worker "Who is this?". He said to her as he looked down at the frozen body.

"That's Oliver Queen.....". Dr. Bowman pointed at the female an few feet from him. "That woman next to him is Felicity Smoak". "Alert UltraTech of this and get an rescue team fast!". Kathy rushed out of the pod into an UltraTech snow truck grabbing an radio to alert the discovery.

"This is Dr. Bowman of UltraTech get an rescue crew near Mt. Cadmius ASAP this is an emergency!". She yelled into the radio then looked into the LCD clock it read.

12:01 A.M

New Years Day 2070

"Happy New Year". Kathy said to herself.

Within an hour an rescue crew of UltraTech was in Mt. Cadmius. Using laser cutters to dig the frozen pod out of the mountain. An ship was ready to take the frozen Oliver and Felicity out of the pod to an UltraTech lab.

Dr. Bowman looked at the damage of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak "When I found the two inside they looked in bad shape, Oliver had his right arm missing and Ms. Smoak had acid burns to the right side of her face and an broken leg". Kathy said to the technicians in the rescue ship. "Get these two to Neo Star City fast!, also alert the boss there stat!". She ordered them.

They complied and started the ship to take Mr. Queen and Ms. Smoak to Oliver's former home. 

Oliver Jonas Queen, estimated age 35,

Felicity Megan Smoak, estimated age 32.

In the year 2012 Oliver Queen returned home after being stuck on an island for five years. For the next five years he fought to save his city as the Green Arrow alongside his eventual wife Felicity Smoak.

Then in 2017 after officially marrying Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak were mysteriously presumed dead following an pod crash in Mt. Cadmius.

53 years later the two were found in an damaged pod frozen having been buried underneath snow for more than five decades underneath.

This is their story.

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